At Play With The New Xbox 360 Dashboard

We've got the new Xbox 360 dashboard, still in beta, running on some of our Xbox 360s at Kotaku. The update will be coming to all 360 owners later this year. Let's talk features.

The dashboard update is slated for November. Presentation is lighter. Fonts are changed. We'll have video shortly to show you this, though the biggest tweak - the ability to navigate the dashboard with voice commands and hand waves using the Kinect sensor - is something we couldn't test. We lack Kinects.

Over the course of the day we'll be able to share videos with you highlighting some of the new features:

-An improved Netflix app -An improved Zune Music marketplace that gives you a second way to turn the 360 into a stereo. -Tweaked Avatars -ESPN integration -New parental controls

And a few other odds and ends.

The big change you'll see right away is that the tilted-window iTunes cover flow-style presentation of the dashboard has been changed. The boxes that contain icons showing your games, your Achievements, ads, videos and everything else in the dashboard are now all flat rectangles presented on horizontal and vertical flat rows. No more tilt, no more angles. The presentation is literally more straight-forward.

We want to show you all this in action, so keep an eye on Kotaku throughout the day as we bring you videos of the new dashboard in action.


    I hope it's customisable, I'm getting sick of all the Halo junk and ads bombarding me every time I turn it on.

      This. There should be an option to get rid of the ads, seeing em on a console is very very excessive imo

    Why can't they give us the ability to change the transparency of the dashboard?

    If I spend $ buying a nice background theme, why should I only be able to see 60% of it because of the crappy dashboard frames?

    i'm just depressed that probably 90% of it wont be useful to aussies anyways! :_(

    xbox guide seemed a little faster, not enough tho

    How are we meant to provide beta feedback?

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