Aussie Nintendo Store: Mystic Quest Legend

Hold onto your hats folks - this week's update is a huge one! Huge pile of crap that is. But it's crappier because of the games we're not getting, rather then the two whole games we are. WiiWare this week? Forget about it!

Virtual Console

Mystic Quest Legend (800 Points, SNES, Square Enix) - This one is actually a spin-off of sorts from the Final Fantasy series of games, you may have heard of them. This one is a little bit easier then the typical RPG fare however. A great RPG for someone who wants to dabble in the 16-bit RPG games but would be overwhelmed with all those damned numbers that come up on the screen.


My Exotic Farm (200 Points - BiP Media) - If you enjoyed My Farm (released just the other week), then you will love My Exotic Farm. Taking place in the wonderful world of the African Savannah you will be tending to well, more exotic animals this time around. If you're keen on farm sims, you can't go wrong with this one.

On more positive note, Nicalis says the WiiWare version of Cave Story is in final testing for us and should still be released soon. It's been receiving bug fixes before it comes out here. There's also a DSiWare version on the way now, which we can expect sometime into 2014.

On a semi-related note, next Wednesday is 3DS release date announcement day. Get excited.


    At least I don't have to wait any longer for Cave Story to come out, but good to hear it's also on the DSiWare.

    I wonder when the 3DS will come. Wednesday may have the answer.

      Wednesday will have the answer, but;

      1. It may not be the one we want.
      2. Japan only for 2010 perhaps :(

    Come on Mystic Quest wasn't that bad. There have been worse RPG spin offs. At least I could stomach Mystic Quest unlike Last Remnant or Project Sylpheed.

    Mystic Quest holds a special place for me because it was the first JRPG I ever played (and possibly one of the first RPG's I ever played period). In that sense it was a perfect introduction to he genre for me. And the soundtrack was pretty kickarse too.

    Definitely agree that Mystic Quest isnt that bad of an RPG, and the soundtrack was indeed kickass.

    Mystic Quest Legend is great. Definitely an underrated RPG for the SNES. Epic soundtrack too.

    Also supporint Mystic Quest being good and having a great soundtrack.
    Have a good remix, guys.

    Mystic Quest is worth it for the final boss music alone. Still need to replay my SNES copy one of these days :D

    As many people have already commented, every Wii owner should get Mystic Quest Legend just to listen to the soundtrack (the large colourful graphics were also pretty nice for their day). Except me, I still own my original cartridge.

    But I say this every time I read one of these posts: WHERE THE FUCK IS CAVE STORY?!

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