Aya's Jeans, Blown Right Off

Battle damage in PSP game The 3rd Birthday is fan service jeans damage. But the game doesn't just turn the denim threads of protagonist Aya ragged. It obliterates them.

To get Aya's outfit next to nothing, players can, for example, detonate five grenades on themselves. You'd think that detonating five explosions on oneself would do more than rip blue jeans. You'd think.

『The 3rd Birthday』服が破れてパンツが丸見え!修復せずプレイする事も可 [チラシの裏でゲーム鈍報]


    Hi. Are gamers lonely, male, sex-obsessives? Square Enix thinks maybe. Brian Ashcraft thinks definitely.

    Not news.

      Sorry, your comment did not include enough cosplay/scantily clad young women, and was thus rejected by our automatic comment filter. Condolences.

      Personally, I think that multimedia in general isn't denigrating enough to women, and more effort should be made to rectify this abhorrent lack of lack of respect. Thankfully, Kotaku is doing it's part.

        LOL well said.

      I'm male and I'm lonely. So, so lonely.

        may be we're lonely BECAUSE of such thingsas this? but then again i did click on this link so what does that say about me?

      Glad you told them it's not news. Maybe they'll take it down now! Thanks for your helpful response!

      I'm a gamer, I'm male, I love sex and I love fan service.

      I think there's nothing wrong with anything that.

      Do you feel the same way about this kind of exploitation in other media?

      If you think that portraying gamers as asexual will help the "gamer stereotype", then you place too much faith in the opinions of others.

      I would put money against the notion that there is such a diversity amongst so-called gamers that *that* stereotype no longer exists.

      I get so sick of these comments. Kotaku is a blog, nowhere does it say anything about being news-exclusive. And sex-crazed lonely male gamers...could they possibly be the target audience for kOTAKU?

        Amen brother, so sick of the "not news!" comments.
        If it doesn't interest you, don't read it.
        Not reading something is the easiest thing you to do.
        Just scroll the mouse down to the next story!

          easiest thing you can do*

    Man, now I feel fat.

    Realistic? No. Practical? No. Gratuitous, shameless and creepy? Maybe.

    If I didn't know the franchise, I'd have thought the perverts at Team Ninja were behind this. Reminds me of that 'fighting game' Battle Raper or something where the whole point is to beat your opponent's clothes off.

    Where's the equity amongst fabrics? Why does denim get singled out? We demand equal rights for cotton, silk or lace.

    Or is it just simply a case of detonating a nice round 6 grenades?

    Denim is actually quite robust.

    She should get a refund for her jeans.

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