Bargain Hunter: Grab F1 2010 While It's Cheap

Are you the preordering type? Those of you wanting to play F1 2010 on a PC might want to convert. It looks like the Steam version is currently (gasp) a normal international price.

F1 2010 uses the EGO 2.0 engine that graced the Colin McRae DiRT and Racedriver GRID franchises. It's not a game you'll see on shelves for half price anytime soon - EB Games currently has the Windows version listed at $78, while console versions go for $108. But on Steam it's currently discounted for under $40AUD.

More important than Steam's 10% discount though is getting your copy before that price is put through the "Aussie" filter. We're taking bets on how much that hike might be - I wager up to $70USD.


    Damn that's cheap. I'll stick with the 360 version though. So psyched to run Alonso off the road in every single race of the season.

    I saw this price and was perplexed how the game was that cheap. I would get it but I only have a 360 wheel and i am pretty sure you can't use that on the PC.

      I think you can... check the MS support website.
      You should be able to use the controllers on a PC, so a wheel should work too.

      If it's an official wheel, you should be able to use it with all Games for Windows Live games. I've only tried it with a 360 controller myself - on DiRT 2 - and that works 100%

      Yup, you can. You just need the wireless dongle thingy:

        Thanks for that I thought I would have issues because of the wireless but that solves that problem and I'm off to order one.

      360 wheel should be pretty nice for this, pity they stopped making it.

    Damn it... wish that was the console price...

      Yup. I much prefer console gaming to PC gaming, and I would actually buy this game if that were the console price, if only so I could crash into Vettel. Alas.

    This will go wonderfully with my G25.

    Pre-Ordering DONE!


    Damn that Aussie price filter!

    wondered how long it would be till someone found this bargain... haha

    i was going to get this on 360 (and still might... lol)... import price is about 50-60AUS though from the UK so this is still a bargain and has GFWL integrated so you can still earn achievements all you achievement whores out there (me included!)

    i've seen people elsewhere comment they're going to wait... i highly advise you DON'T as it will more than likely go up like mentioned in this article

    $50 PC
    $65 Console

    I don't think this game is going to go through the 'aussie price filter'. Codemasters usually don't do that, but if it was a 2k, THQ, SEGA, Activision or Capcom game you can guarantee that it would go through the filter.

    Anyway, it has GFWL and Codemasters usually have poor support (ie. dropping support after a few months) so that is 2 very good reasons to NOT get the game.

      Capcom? Dead Rising 2 still hasn't jumped in price.

      Yes, Capcom? They seem to be one of the last big-ish publishers to not do an Australian region mark-up. Bethesda and Square/Eidos are the only others.

    Ugh. I didn't really like F1 Championship on PS3 but I have interest in this and its so cheap for a new release! To take the plunge or not?!?

      At that price, you'd be laughin at everyone who pre-ordered anywhere else!

    Already jumped on this, keen to give this a bash with my Driving Force GT (works on PS3 and PC).

    It's back up now: currently at "10% off" for US$53.95. Be glad if you got it cheap.

      Time to eat my words. I thought Codemasters might have stayed out of the group with 2K, Activision, THQ etc but they have jumped right in there.

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