Bargain Hunter: Grab F1 2010 While It’s Cheap

Bargain Hunter: Grab F1 2010 While It’s Cheap

Are you the preordering type? Those of you wanting to play F1 2010 on a PC might want to convert. It looks like the Steam version is currently (gasp) a normal international price.

F1 2010 uses the EGO 2.0 engine that graced the Colin McRae DiRT and Racedriver GRID franchises. It’s not a game you’ll see on shelves for half price anytime soon – EB Games currently has the Windows version listed at $78, while console versions go for $108. But on Steam it’s currently discounted for under $40AUD.

More important than Steam’s 10% discount though is getting your copy before that price is put through the “Aussie” filter. We’re taking bets on how much that hike might be – I wager up to $70USD.


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