Bargain Hunter: Halo Reach

Halo Reach for $58.50? Dungeon Crawler says so! Pay close mind to the shipping cost at $8.90, but as Kotaku reader Tom Aitken points out, the total still comes in at under $70. With their in-stock and delivery times, you might not be playing it as soon as those lining up for the midnight event. But at this price, do you care? Check out the Limited Edition too. Thanks Tom!


    My pleasure Jung. :)

    On the topic of bargains, seems to have sprung up with some crazy prices (albeit with UK imported games). Did an order this morning so we'll see how they go, but has anyone else had experience with them? How would you guys rate them on service, product, customer satisfaction?


      Thank you so much Tom. My mate was only going to get this if it was cheap. I'll finally have my co-op buddy in on reach!! :D

      Hey, Tom. Yeah I have used ozgameshop. They are pretty good products, postage time and I was very satisfied with how they operate. Uk versions of games run on pal so every single on works perfectly on an australian xbox 360. I havent checked it in a while so I might order some too. But its a great online shop. I recommend it!

      Ozgameshop - all positive.

      I've ordered and had delivered 2 games. Both were in stock and despatched the same day. Delivery took 1 week so not bad really.

      I also pre ordered Halo Reach through them and later cancelled recieving the refund the next day.

      Good stuff.

      The Goose did a post on these guys (ozgameshop) not long ago and put them on my radar. I haven't bought anything from them yet but have signed up to their twitter feed and kept an eye on there site.

      With their prices and free postage to Australian and New Zealand I'm all ready a 'satisfied' customer. I can only assume the product is decent so it will be interesting how you go with service.

      I checked out Reach on there sight but as I don't buy many games on launch day I opted with a brink and mortar version of the Limited Edition instead.

      I'm liking the original Starcraft for approximately $10 on ozgameshop and are also waiting for a special on Alan Wake or Lego Harry Potter 1-4 Years

        [Proof read fail] -20 points

        *hands head in shame*

          [Ugg] -40 points


        Cheers for the feedback guys! Just the kind of stuff I needed. I'll be using ozgameshop just as my go to place for back catalogue games so postage speed doesn't bother me. Free postage was such a pleasant surprise too.

    Is the game 60 bucks in store or online only? i may end up pre-ordering it..

    Holy crap, when did their online store pop up?
    Huzzah, no more having to scrounge through their eBay shop! (Not that their eBay shop is bad, I just don't really like eBay)

    I brought 5 games just under 2 weeks ago from ozgameshop. Got 5 games all in the $13-$20 range for total of approx $70. It was a little bit of a wait, 13 days and I live southern Sydney. Other then that the products are perfect and I'll be rushing through a couple of the weaker titles this weekend to use as trade bait for Reach.

    Also, the ODST/Forza 3 package for $19 is a steal!

    sif not get Legendary Edition!

    / runs...


    DC are an awesome bunch - anyone in Melbourne should check out their bricks & mortar store. Can't recall any other game shop where you can still buy Full Throttle :D

    OzGameShop is AMESOME.

    I've only just started using it but I've ordered:

    Valkyria Chronicles PS3 $26
    4x Dreamcast VMU about $22
    Bioshock 2 PC $13!

    I plan to do all my future pre ordering there.


    I preodered it from Including postage it came in at £34.47 which is under $58.

      Is that for an Australian console compatible version?

        Yup, it's a UK PAL Version

    I've been into Dungeon Crawl a few times but have never bought any 360 games from there as they seem to mainly stock NTSC versions. Can NTSC games be run on the 360?

      Not for 360 - But the above image does say Australian Compatible Version. And judging by the rating sticker (looks like PEGI), I'd say it's PAL Europe.

    Damn!! Preorder Halo reach yesterday from Big W for $84 with free delivery. . Still a good deal but wish I had waited a day!

    I have bought from Dungeon Crawl - they told me they only import NTSC games that will work perfectly n PAL - and I have never had a problem. And at such good prices.

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