Bargain Hunter: More Indie Love

A little while back, there was an Indie Love bundle, featuring six very interesting games for $19.99USD. It's back, and now there's a Summer of Love bundle offering a similar deal, with the option to get everything together in one Super Power Ultra Mega Turbo Indie <3 Bundle for $29.99USD. It's not really called that.

Nope, it's called the Mega Love Bundle. And if you haven't heard of these games, you'd do yourself a favour to pick some up.

The Indie Love Bundle is very strong. For us, the highlight is Machinarium, a cute point & click adventure game with great puzzles & great style. Osmos is also interesting, a game in which you move your ball by expending mass - contact with smaller balls will absorb them, making you bigger.

And Yet It Moves is a platformer in which you can shift gravity 90 degrees in either direction. Psychosis and physics puzzles ensue. And Eufloria may be a simple looking RTS involving flowers & seeds, but its gameplay is more complex than the similar, WCG-approved Galcon.

As for the Summer of Love Bundle, you either love or hate Aaaaa! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, even if you have to love the name. A base jumping game, you free-fall as close to skyscrapers as you can to rack up points.

Special mention has to go to Captain Forever, made by our local indie man Farbs, who won the Independent Games Festival China in 2009. This one sees you taking on waves of space baddies, then scavenging their parts to improve your ship, then taking on more.

And of course there's Jeff Minter's psychedelic Space Giraffe, which is, if nothing else, hilarious. He'd hate the idea of me comparing the gameplay to Tempest, but that's the closest thing. Although some key gameplay changes make it hard to get your head around at first.

The Indie Love Bundle, at $19.99USD, includes these games: And Yet It Moves Auditorium Aztaka Eufloria Machinarium Osmos

The Summer of Love Bundle, at $19.99USD, includes these games: Aaaaa! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity Brainpipe Captain Forever Cogs Saira Space Giraffe

You can find the Mega Love Bundle, for $29.99USD, here. And for more info on each game, head to the Indie Games Blog.


    hehehe super mega happy family gameshow fun!

    It's not Aaaaa, it's AAAAAAAAaaaaaAaaaAAAAAAaaaAAaaaaaaAAaaaaaAAaaaaAAaaaAAAH!

    Sounds like a good deal but I payed my $30 for that pay what you want bundle and have not even unzipped any of the games.

    If it really was called the "Super Power Ultra Mega Turbo Indie <3 Bundle" I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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