Bargain Hunter: PS3s And Reach On Catch Of The Day

Bargain Hunter: PS3s And Reach On Catch Of The Day

Catch of the Day is advertising a $199 PlayStation 3 console, as well as $29 for Halo: Reach. It looks like there are 6000 items for sale and they’re expecting high traffic and some server crashes, so it’ll be a bit of a pit fight. The sale officially begins today at an unknown time, but Ecogamer is reporting it starts at 11am today.


  • It is 10am and the site is down. This situation was anticipated by many, expected by some, and caught only a single aging gamer, living in Cheltenham and burdened by a dial-up connection by surprise. He is not me.

  • Have they and everyone else not learned from previous experience??!! They’ll only have a handful of PS3’s and are just trying to bait new customers (pun intended).

  • According to Ecogamer, the PS3 sale is just happening later now. Here’s hoping they did actually have more than a couple to sell.

  • Always the case…they get a friendly DDOS from their customers.

    Well done to whoever gets the PS3/Halo, but I’m not even going to bother 🙂

  • They have 3 PS3……its gonna sell out in about 2 min and their gonna say its soo popular, sorry to those that didn’t get it….but we have more deals coming stayed tuned. its all a gimmick

    • It’s easy to sell things at such low, low prices when your stock consists of what you can fit under your sweater on the way out of Big W.

        • Haven’t shopped at Big W in a while, but last I recall all games, films and audio CDs are sold in their cases, within inside a security case – because it would obviously be an enormous inconvenience for each checkout to be stocked individual discs for every product. Wily customers bring the security cases to hardware, pick up some tools, then grab some clothing and pry the case open in the fitting rooms. That’s how they rolled when I was a slightly younger, slightly less irate lad.

  • haha yer screw this i attempted to get reach and it just couldnt handle the amount of people and that was for halo reach not the ps3

  • they just went to ebgames got 1 copy and sold it at that low price in hope that it will be made up by selling soon to expire (within 10 days) kinder surprises.

  • Its all bait pricing these days…. COTD stocks 100 of one deal and they expect it to supply the 1,000’s of people who would look at the page in the first clock tick?

    I wonder if anyone will complain about it… Cuz I think bait pricing is illegal..

    • You have a point there……bait advertising is illegal in Australia. According to the ACCC “advertises goods and services at a specific price when it is, or should have been aware, that it would not be able to supply enough of the good at the price for a reasonable amount of time. This is called bait advertising.”

      • Bait advertising
        Bait advertising entices customers into a store by advertising special prices on goods that are not really available, or are available only in very limited quantities.
        You should offer goods or services at a ‘special price’ only if they are available in reasonable quantities for a reasonable period. If supply is limited you must say so—for example ‘limited quantities only’. What is reasonable will depend on the circumstances, such as the numbers of the product usually sold, the size of the discount and the expected increase in demand as a result.
        When you advertise goods at a special price you should have enough stocks to meet the anticipated demand. If stocks run out you should offer customers a raincheck or similar goods of equal quality at the same price. A raincheck is an offer to sell the customer the same item at the sale price when more stock is available. If you don’t wish to offer a raincheck and advertise ‘no rainchecks’ you must have reasonable quantities of stock available for a reasonable period at the price advertised.

        ACCC Official stance on the matter. There were some numbers leaked some time ago about their Birthday sales when they offered the Wii for $199. Apparently they only had 10 of them to offer. I dont care what anyone says.. Theres no way they can get only 10 consoles at such a cheap rate…

  • I just unsubscribed from their newsletter. Everything about them is misleading and a waste of time.

    It doesn’t matter how many of each item they have. Since you’ll be paying postage on top of the advertised price as well.

  • I have just lodged a complaint against COTD in regards to their bait advertising….i suggest everyone else here to do it as well. This sort of scam has no place in the community.

    • Wow, there’s certainly a lot of bitter, jaded, pissed off dudes hanging around. I don’t quite understand the angry vibes. The Sony LED has been available for 45 mintues of the hour, at a pretty damn good price. Of course Halo for $29 was not going to last long, regardless of having 10 copies or 200 copies. Evidence of this is enough people being interested to bring the site to a crawl. Personally, I’m quite happy these sites exist. Every now and then I can grab a pair of $170 jeans for $50. Or a couple of spare HDMIs for $3. Why begrudge them a promo day a few times a year? It seems like the majority of you were completely aware how this would play out before it even started. So move on to somewhere else.

  • guys COTD have being doing this for a long time. SOrry to say your not the first round of people to be stung like this. Dust yourself off and ignore these deals in the future, and just dont support them.

  • Is there any method of trying to get the page to load while there is high server load? It takes me about 10 minutes before the server finally gets a break and lets me through… quite frustrating when all things are generally sold out within 5 minutes.

    Not that I really wanted the “Toy Story Remote Control Buggy – Includes bonus Woody figure!”…

  • Well I atleast gave it a go, I had on pc1 google chrome, pc2 ie and iphone all logged in, and when it came up, chrome came up the quickest, i clicked buy, then it crashed as it was processing my cc payment then said all sold out!!

    I thought they charged my cc so I tried to call them and they don’t list a number anywhere!!

    faq’s and email help only.

    All to hard and defiantly Not worth my time and stress.

  • LOL!, the site clearly states that if there will be server crashes, and alott of trafficking.. many of you are the whiners that the site is talking about.

  • PS3s went on sale just a couple of mins ago. I’m happy with my fat PS3, but it would be a great buy if you don’t have one – if you can get the site to work.

  • PS3s sold out in 5 mins. By the time the page loaded they were gone. Shipping was only $9.95 (to victoria, anyway).
    Stuff like this deal-every-hour thing is a bit of a cop out, but they occasionaly have good deals on things that don’t sell out instantly.

  • Just asked Catch of the Day for ‘please explain’ before I pass this to Fair Trading – the Halo Reach & PS3 pricing are less than half price and subsequently would ring a few alarm bells if people start complaining to them.

    As this is the second time they’ve offered the PS3 it raises additional questions as why wasn’t the full quantity allocated in the first sale?

  • You’re all idiots. Each and every one of you.

    All having a tantrum because you didn’t get to buy a copy of a game at a quarter of its actual sales price.

    Most deals CoTD post (minus Kinder Surprise) are at great prices.

    Two quotes from the page:

    “So this Tuesday we will be featuring one mad catch every hour – with some special surprises in between. Expect to see TVs, PS3, iPods, Chocolates, Games, Cameras and more at prices you won’t believe. As usual there are limited quantities available on each item.”

    “Please note: Even though we will be having a total of 6000 items available for sale on the day, at the prices we’ll be featuring we expect a lot of pushing and shoving and whining on online forums. If you miss out on the day – better luck next time. If you score one of the insane bargains, well done – you will be one of 6000 others. But hey, if you think that a few server crashes, a bit of anticipation and click spam is too much excitement, give this one a miss – we’ll see you on Wednesday for the CatchAThon instead!”

  • Eh Im happy got the PS3 for $208 or so including postage, did it through PayPal and was back to the website before they were sold out! 🙂

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