Bargain Hunter: PS3s And Reach On Catch Of The Day

Catch of the Day is advertising a $199 PlayStation 3 console, as well as $29 for Halo: Reach. It looks like there are 6000 items for sale and they're expecting high traffic and some server crashes, so it'll be a bit of a pit fight. The sale officially begins today at an unknown time, but Ecogamer is reporting it starts at 11am today.


    24 Kinder Surprise Eggs....

    and its looks like it was a prank

    It is 10am and the site is down. This situation was anticipated by many, expected by some, and caught only a single aging gamer, living in Cheltenham and burdened by a dial-up connection by surprise. He is not me.

    Have they and everyone else not learned from previous experience??!! They'll only have a handful of PS3's and are just trying to bait new customers (pun intended).


    10AM - 24 Kinder Surprise Eggs. Best before 7th Oct 2010. What a joke.

      there goes 5800 of the 6000 items for sale

        You're actually on the money.

        Either this stupid website is bullshitting us completely or some idiots out there are actually buying that soon-to-expire chocolate as its apparently 'almost gone'.

    Wouldn't mind a $29 copy of Reach. -This is not going to happen.

    According to Ecogamer, the PS3 sale is just happening later now. Here's hoping they did actually have more than a couple to sell.

    Always the case...they get a friendly DDOS from their customers.

    Well done to whoever gets the PS3/Halo, but I'm not even going to bother :)

    I'm certainly going to try, my PS3 just burned out, and this is cheaper than getting it repaired by Sony.

    And you do all realise that each deal goes for an hour right?

    They have 3 PS3......its gonna sell out in about 2 min and their gonna say its soo popular, sorry to those that didn't get it....but we have more deals coming stayed tuned. its all a gimmick

    HALO - Reach is on now.

      That it is, and it isn't even that hard to load the page to get a copy

        And apparently is now sold out. Oh well, didn't really want one myself, already have it. Be interested to see how many copies they actually had. I doubt it was many.

      Aaand sold out.

      Sold out in 5mins!

        Id REALLY like to know how many copies they actually had... Im pretty sure bait pricing is illegal..

      I can only imagine what the demand for the PS3 Slims and iPods will be.

    and its gone.......i think they had 2 copies?

      It's easy to sell things at such low, low prices when your stock consists of what you can fit under your sweater on the way out of Big W.

        Yeah cuz selling empty game cases is worth alot these days..

          Haven't shopped at Big W in a while, but last I recall all games, films and audio CDs are sold in their cases, within inside a security case - because it would obviously be an enormous inconvenience for each checkout to be stocked individual discs for every product. Wily customers bring the security cases to hardware, pick up some tools, then grab some clothing and pry the case open in the fitting rooms. That's how they rolled when I was a slightly younger, slightly less irate lad.

            lol you really haven't been in big w for a long time have you

              I thought Big W had the security locked DVDs? Or does KMart do that?

    Halo already sold out. Page crashed and that was it for me.

    As if everybody doesn't already have this game, though.

    lol Halo Reach sold out after i refreshed the bloody page 1 minute after it started.

    haha yer screw this i attempted to get reach and it just couldnt handle the amount of people and that was for halo reach not the ps3

    Yup, site is timing out already. :P

    I had it in my basket went through the checkout with Paypal option and when I completed checkout it said 'Sold Out' and didn't charge my account.
    Not happy!!

      Yeah... I wouldn't use Paypal with this. I'd stay on their site as much as possible

    Reach sold out in like 2minutes.

    Just a marketing ploy, nothing more.

    Holy crap. Just 3 minutes & Halo Reach is sold out?
    They must have like only one stock for sale.

    Its all a gimmick, they never stock the products....Its all a huge marketing ploy to register thousands of potential new customers.

    they just went to ebgames got 1 copy and sold it at that low price in hope that it will be made up by selling soon to expire (within 10 days) kinder surprises.

    Its all bait pricing these days…. COTD stocks 100 of one deal and they expect it to supply the 1,000’s of people who would look at the page in the first clock tick?

    I wonder if anyone will complain about it… Cuz I think bait pricing is illegal..

      You have a point there......bait advertising is illegal in Australia. According to the ACCC "advertises goods and services at a specific price when it is, or should have been aware, that it would not be able to supply enough of the good at the price for a reasonable amount of time. This is called bait advertising."

      The thing is though, is that the premise of the website is that there are only limited amounts. They said that about today's sales as well.

        Bait advertising
        Bait advertising entices customers into a store by advertising special prices on goods that are not really available, or are available only in very limited quantities.
        You should offer goods or services at a ‘special price’ only if they are available in reasonable quantities for a reasonable period. If supply is limited you must say so—for example ‘limited quantities only’. What is reasonable will depend on the circumstances, such as the numbers of the product usually sold, the size of the discount and the expected increase in demand as a result.
        When you advertise goods at a special price you should have enough stocks to meet the anticipated demand. If stocks run out you should offer customers a raincheck or similar goods of equal quality at the same price. A raincheck is an offer to sell the customer the same item at the sale price when more stock is available. If you don’t wish to offer a raincheck and advertise ‘no rainchecks’ you must have reasonable quantities of stock available for a reasonable period at the price advertised.

        ACCC Official stance on the matter. There were some numbers leaked some time ago about their Birthday sales when they offered the Wii for $199. Apparently they only had 10 of them to offer. I dont care what anyone says.. Theres no way they can get only 10 consoles at such a cheap rate...

    I just unsubscribed from their newsletter. Everything about them is misleading and a waste of time.

    It doesn't matter how many of each item they have. Since you'll be paying postage on top of the advertised price as well.

      Yep I also just unsubscribed. What a waste of time!

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