Bargain Hunter: Reach, Mario Kart Wii, & Galaxy 2

If you're in either Brisbane or Sydney, Gametraders are having some events tomorrow that include stormtroopers and savings. A new store in Sydney's Parramatta, and a re-opening in Indooroopilly, will see Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart Wii, and Halo: Reach down to half price.

If you've ever wondered how much first-party Nintendo titles go down over time, stop wondering. They don't. As strange as it is to see Mario Galaxy right next to Mario Galaxy 2 on the shelf for the same (full) price, it's the norm.

So half-priced Mario titles are good. Half-price Reach is good too, and Gametraders are giving away a free T-shirt with every copy, although they say stock is limited and won't do lay-bys or any of that fancy stuff. So you'll have to get to the store, but at least they're also giving away random free stuff throughout the day, such as plush toys.

Here are the main deals:

Halo: Reach with T-shirt - $59.95 Mario Kart Wii with wheel - $49.95 Super Mario Galalxy 2 - $49.95

And some other deals they'll have as well:

RaceDriver: GRID - $19.95 Far Cry 2 - $19.95 Diablo II - $19.95 Civilization IV - $19.95 Black & White 2 - $19.95 Crysis - $19.95

Gametraders Parramatta opens 8am tomorrow here: Shop 2160 Westfield Shopping Centre 159-175 Church St Parramatta, NSW, 2150

And the re-opening of the Indooroopilly store is at: Shop 3702, Lvl 3 Indooroopilly Shopping Centre 322 Moggill Rd, Indooroopilly, QLD, 4068


    On another note, GAME look to be selling Bayonetta on the cheap for a short time... it was sitting on the shelf for $24 (if I remember correctly, at least under $30)

    i never realised the indro one closed in the first place.. haha

    Remember also Halo reach is $29 on catch of the day this tuesday :D

    Could go with a Halo shirt though :D

    Well considering Gametraders imports a heap of their games from the UK, the prices aren't that great. You can get a bargain like this just about anytime if you import from or many other UK based sites.

    Hey I work at the Shaver Shop at Indooroopilly (aboriginal for 'valley of the leeches' - who wouldn't shop there?) So maybe I'll go check it out at some point.

    The weird part is I already own and love these games, yet I want to buy them again...?

    I've just heard horrible things abt catch of the day,especially on their "special occasions" too bad too i forfeited the gametraders deal trying to get reach for 30 bucks.

    o well, waiting for vanquish now

    All the others are closed!

    you can get those games from many places in the uk and have them shipped over.

    Video Games UK

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