Bargain Hunter: VVVVVV

Although VVVVVV is cheap normally, it's just been released on Steam, and it's that little bit extra cheap right now. Terry Cavanagh's puzzling, exploratory platformer that plays with gravity is now $4.49USD.

Those yearning for a more traditional Metroid experience might be more satisfied by this than Other M. Though VVVVVV features dozens of connected "boxes" that make up its world for you to platform through, it's main hook is that with a press of a button, gravity is reversed. One wrong jump or switch could send you hurtling through different areas until you find a platform.

This one will test your platforming skills, and boasts a cool retro soundtrack. Can you rescue all your shipmates?

If you want to try out a quick version, here's VVVV - a smaller version of the game at under 4KB, as an entry into the Java 4K game design competition.

Thanks to our beloved Goose for the heads up. Enjoy!


    That game looks insane. I think I'll pick it up but I can already see the headaches coming on now...

    OHHHHH!!! SO awesome! I finished the demo of this back when it was a lunchtimewaster :P

    Buying now :)

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