Battlefield 1943 Sneaks Out For PC

A little over a year after it hit Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, the perennially "coming soon" Battlefield 1943 has been released on the PC.

The Windows version of last year's online multiplayer hit reported for PC duty today, somewhat unceremoniously, popping into EA's online store. After moving 1.5 million copies of the thing to PSN and XBLA players - making it the "best-selling download-only game on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade," according to EA - someone got around to uploading the final version.

Thanks to Nutlink for the heads up!


    About 1 year too late for anyone to care about it tbh.

      Agreed. This looked pretty cool to me, but then BFBC2 came out, which has given me my share of tactical squad based FPS.

      different gameplay... more casual and complements bc2 perfectly. you still have a blast

    I would love for this to sneak out on Mac to give me something to do at lunch times.

    I'm not seeing it right now. Is it really out, or did someone at the EA store stuff up?

    I waited for it to come out on pc for HALF A FREAKING YEAR. Then I said screw it and got it on XBLA and its great fun. As Hunted said, 1 year too late EA!

    I'd still buy it. I heart Iwo Jima, oh the memories.

    I have to agree with Hunted as well, although I went onto the EA store and I can't see it, are you sure it's not a mistake?

    It's not up on the AU store (which you get redirected to) but i checked via proxy and it is up on the US store.

      Wonderful, good to know the US is getting it, but not the rest of the world, or am I wrong? Has the UK gotten access to it?

    It's not actually out. If one were to head to the EA forums, one would see that it's not available to download.

    Hope they put it on steam or I am not going to buy it at all. I am sick of games coming to PC 12-18 months after its released on console.

    Looks as though this was all a false alarm :(

    No BF1943 yet for PCs.

    No BF1943 yet for PCs. Damn it.

    any point to buying it? only 3 maps and one mode, and MOH and BO are out in months

    I adored BF1942 (and still do), and also greatly enjoy Bad Company 2, but BF1943 on the 360 is, frankly, a very nice looking piece of crap. The main problem is a near zero amount of communication due to the squad system (which means you can only hear squadmates and not teammates, totally unsuitable for a sandbox like this), few people using their headsets and no way to trade jibes with the enemy team. You can talk to teammates, but only if they're out of a squad, however no name is displayed when a player talking, so you have no idea who's saying what. This results in depressingly quiet servers unless you have some friends to play with. I was a very chatty player in BF1942 and would always be trying to organize stunts and daring escapades, so this was like playing a completely different game to me.

    Don't even get me started on the new version of the Coral Sea map; the aircrft carrier bombing objective is completely gone, two-seater bombers are gone and to really kick you in the balls, you get auto-killed within 3 seconds of ejecting from a plane over anywhere except an aircraft carrier! (which means no more rescuing downed friends in the two seater bomber). The only thing left to do is engage in dogfights which have very little depth. It's a total misunderstanding of why people played BF1942 in the first place: to muck around in a giant sandbox with near total freedom.

      man Simon G you are so right, i have no idea why they did not release it on PC first. their entire BF1942 community used PC as the platform, it's the best, and is why we loved it. why change it?

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