Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam: Yeah, I Was In The Sh*t

Through the grass, I see a North Vietnamese troop before me. I dart ahead and, poof, he's gone.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam is a downloaded expansion pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The game keeps the same classes and gameplay as Battlefield: Bad Company 2. If you are familiar with that title, there are no surprises. (You'll need to be familiar with it as this DLC title requires the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 game disc.)

The Vietnam expansion pack is the US Marines versus the North Vietnamese army. It includes four new maps and brings 15 new Vietnam-era weapons like the M79, six new vehicles like the UH-1 Huey, 49 different 1960s-era tunes (Fortunate Son!) and new Achievements and Trophies.

The map that EA was demo-ing for the Tokyo Game Show was called "Phu Bai Valley". In Conquest Mode, it is familiar territory for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 players. But the new Vietnam vide really offers a new experience. It feels far more than simply a fresh coat of paint. It feels fresh.

Phu Bai Valley is another well-designed multiplayer map from EA Dice, the developer behind the series. The map is quite large and expansive but still feels intimate. I never felt like I was going to hit a wall, and I never felt like I was playing alone. There are multiplayer games that can handle many more players, but EA Dice does an excellent job of not only balancing out the map but making it flow in a logical progression and opening up the sky for intense combat.

Growing up watching Vietnam film after Vietnam film during the 1980s, I always noticed how everything feels muddy and damp. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam's Phu Bai Valley feels muddy and damp. That is a good thing.

A multiplatform release of Bad Company 2 Vietnam is slated for later this year.


    Battlefield Vietnam was my favourite of the series by far, so hopefully this is a tribute to that game!

      Love BF:Vietnam Long time!

    omgads, better play more of the original before this becomes all the rage

    *checks steam* hmmmm only clocked up 200 hours

    If the expansions based on the marines vs the north vietnamese army,Whys there a screen shot of a marine being shot at by a Vietcong Guerrilla?
    The north Vietnamese army was hardcore. they were well trained,well equipped,organized and they had uniforms. Just sayin is all. :)
    Anyone know all what new vehicles and weapons are commin with it?.
    Cant wait for this one!!!!. Loved battlefield Vietnam. :D

      Could be a different model/uniform for different classes?

    When when when?????

    I don't think anyone I know will buy this unless they add a local ping function like MW2 did, because right now it's IMPOSSIBLE to play a BC2 match on 360 in Australia without GAME CRIPPLING LAG!!


      Sucks to be you. I just played BFBC2 with 2 guys from the Netherlands and we were owning it up. ;D

      Are you using wireless? Mine used to lag something shocking, until I went wired. Now it's 100% lag free.

        I am using wireless, but I've got a new slim and a Billion router with a gigabit wireless. So it's actually better using the 360's wireless option than the ethernet, cos the ethernet on the slims are only 100mbps.

        And Fry guy, not everyone is sitting on ADSL2 500 metres from their exchange bro (I'm 2.9km away from mine =/ )

      Lulz, ditto with Mr Fry. All up on US servers beating down there buttocks with a friend. Feels good to shoot face with 280 ping. Of course this is on the pc. <3

    This is fantastic and I know you can't disclose everything but I have a question thats been burning in my head for ages.

    In BC2 both sides had the same guns ie. All engineers started with the AKS-47U etc

    But in Battlefield Vietnam the sides had different weapons because well.. they were hugely different sorts of armies.

    I've been wondering in BC:V what options they've taken. Logical gameplay and balance assumes they'd have the same guns on both sides. But the idea of a VC with an m60 just seems...wrong

    I hope this doesn't cost too many Microsoft points cause this looks awesome

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