Become A Necromorph In Dead Space 2 Multiplayer

Dead Space 2 is bringing four-on-four multiplayer to EA's survival horror series, giving players a choice to play as the human members of the Sprawl Security Team or the evil Necromorph forces. What side are you on?

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Dead Space 2 producer Scott Probst details the game's new mutiplayer element. Squaring off against the Necromorph threat, four members of the Sprawl Security Team will have to complete various objectives across five different locations, attempting to restore safety across the sprawl.

Hindering those efforts will be players taking on the role of one of four different Necromorphs - The Pack, The Lurker, The Spitter, and The Puker.

Both sides will enjoy a level progression system in which they can earn experience to unlock new weapons, skins, weapon upgrades, and new powers tailored to each individual Necromorph.

It sounds a little like Left 4 Dead's multiplayer, with a little Singularity thrown in for good measure. Hopefully it'll lean more towards the former, though I'm of the mind that as long as the single player is excellent, multiplayer can excel or suck as much as it wants. I'm playing for solitary scares myself.

Dead Space 2 for PS3: Multiplayer Screens and First Info [PlayStation Blog]


    A "little" like Left 4 Dead. Yep.

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