Believe It Or Not, You Are Looking At Three Dudes

Kayo Satou, aka "Kayo Police", has not only been called one of Japan's best Street Fighter IV players, but also one of Japan's best-looking Street Fighter IV players. Thing is, she is a he.

Last night on Japanese television show Majotachi no 22ji ("Witches' 10pm), Kayo revealed the truth about his gender. The program often shows women who look ten or twenty years younger.

Kayo is a popular model in women's magazines and even appears in ads and in promotions. In the above picture, she cosplays as Bayonetta with the game's designer.

Besides modelling, Kayo is also noted for his Street Fighter ability and has been hailed as one of the best (if not the best) Japanese players of the Street Fighter IV character Viper.

One of the hosts on last night's program was Haruna Ai, a transgender television personality. Ai recently ran a televised 24-hour marathon for charity. Unlike Ai, Kayo is not transgender.

Kayo has come out to her magazine editors and finally made his gender known. He is calling this a "new start".

On the program, Kayo revealed that he was prompted to go public after rumours began circulating online that she was really a man. Kayo claims that he has not had any plastic surgery.

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    Wonder how many japanese men are feeling uncomfortable right now.

      I'd say at least four

    Best looking asian dude I've ever seen then! Ha.

    Is it wrong that I jacked off to the pic anyway? :-)

    Thats gotta be uncomfortable standing there tuckin' it in like that.

    ....Don't pretend you haven't done it.

    he is hot.

    At least tell me he's gay... cause then I can understand. Or bisexual or whatever. Its too much for my simple brain to comprehend otherwise :P

    Ahhhh... nuts!

      Yup, he has em alright.! XD :)

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