Beyond Good & Evil Getting HD Re-Release

Beyond Good & Evil, one of the best (and yet under-appreciated) games of the previous hardware generation, is to receive a well-deserved re-release in high definition, Ubisoft has revealed.

It won't just be a quick and dirty cash-in, though; level textures and character models are being improved, it'll run at 1080p and the game's score is also being improved.

Beyond Good & Evil HD will be released on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation network in 2011.

If you've never played the original, which was released in 2003, think Zelda (with its dungeons and action/RPG mannerisms) with a little Metroid/Dead Rising (scanning/photography) thrown in for good measure.

Beyond Good & Evil HD Coming Next Year [IGN]


    Ubisoft know how to tickle me just right with these - at this point it looks like I'll be shelling out for this, as well as the PoP and SC Trilogy packs.

    Ah well, better than 90% of the new stuff coming out these days...

    Ohh yes this is fantastic news.
    On release I passed it up, years later I decided to buy it and boy what a great game it turned out to be, way ahead of it's time.

    You must get this to support great games like this, you won't regret it.

    Now Microsoft bring Oddworld Stranger to X360.

    Wish it was a disk release

    "...and the game’s score is also being improved."

    BULLSH*T! The score was perfect already. I want it on CD.

      Odds are that they're actually talking about increasing the quality of the audio files, not redoing the game's score.

      I'll be in the same boat as you though if I'm wrong.

    does this mean its not getting re released in high DEF on PC, i.e. steam?

      I'd be happy if there was just a patch or PC rerelease for a version without Tages - not fun having to use third party save hack utilities to bypass game-stopping bugs brought about by a badly implemented copy protection system!

    A thousand times YES! I'm so glad I bought this when it first came out, it's still one of my (if not my most) favourite game.

    That picture looks like Alyx from Half Life 2. I clicked and expected Half Life 2 Episode 3 news.... I saw the real content and was disappointed. :( you didn't read the title of the post, or the opening paragraph next to the picture? I'm guessing you find yourself 'disappointed' quite a bit on the internet if this is how you decide what links are going to take you to.

      On topic, this really is great news - often games that don't easily fit a standard mould are dismissed by mainstream gamers, which only drives the industry to become more risk averse and stagnant. BGaE was aesthetically and mechanically very different to everything else on console back then, but it was overlooked by many gamers last gen due to the staggering number of PS2 titles out there. It was great, but didn't sell fantastically purely because it didn't fit many people's idea of what they wanted to play.

      I'm glad that it's not just super-mega-hyper-successful titles like God of War and the Team Ico games that are being given a new lease on life, because I think many gamers have grown up since those days and are crying out for well told stories like this one.

        Yes he is, but normally he ends up at some browser game called evony

      dissapointed by BG&E news?

    Schweet. This surely means that BGE2 will follow closely behind too. They've done it for God of War, doing it for Ico, SotC, now this. Whoo!

    Great news! I think this game falls into that rare batch of releases where the individual highlights of the game stand far above the sum of its faults.

    The PS2 version I bought (15 bucks for the game, 50 bucks for the console) has some irritating sound glitches, where a certain sound file from the game's environment like an electronic console's beep or a thud from a falling item will just keep repeating over and over until you get to a loading screen. Control-wise Jade handles quite floatily and the camera controls are inconsistent in their implementation.

    BUT! The clear and engaging mission structure punctuated with actually-fun-fetch-quests, great story, quality scripting and voice work, the awesome music, plus the diverse and well designed game modes, these all make this a day one purchase for whenever it gets re-released.

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