BioShock Infinite's 'Sky-Line' Combat Explained By Ken Levine

If you watched the 10-minute long dose of BioShock Infinite gameplay, you might have wondered how the rollercoaster-in-the-sky action sequences were going to work, what those tracks were for and how BioShock creative director Ken Levine might describe them.

Wonder no more! Those motion sickness inspiring moments are fully playable and seemingly a key component of BioShock Infinite's gameplay. "Imagine being on a roller coaster, over another roller coaster, over another roller coaster," Levine tells the official PlayStation blog. "Imagine being able to jump freely from one roller coaster to the next. Then imagine people are shooting at you. And you're shooting at them. That's the experience of being on the Sky-Lines."

I'm queasy already. But Ken continues.

"You might choose to take on enemies at extremely long range while travelling on Sky-Lines, or you might engage in close combat," he says. "You might do both in quick succession. You can jump between criss-crossing Sky-Line routes, allowing you to instantly change direction and evade or outflank enemies. Sky-Lines are there to expand your tactical options, not dictate them."

Sounds crazy, complicated and maybe a little bit fun too. We're still at least 14 months away from the arrival of the next big BioShock, so the soothing, informative sounds of Ken Levine speaking will have to do for now. Read the full interview at the European PlayStation blog.

BioShock Infinite: 10-minute Gameplay Video, Ken Levine Talks Combat [PlayStation EU blog]


    Let's not forget that Ken Levine is very good at what he does. He knows how to talk, he knows how to capture someones interest with his large vocabulary. He knows all about hype. Bioshock was a very pretty game, with very ordinary gameplay.
    Let's wait to play the final game before getting too excited. I was fooled with the hype behind Bioshock 1 so i'm going to be cautious with Bioshock Infinite.

    "Sounds crazy, complicated "

    Sounds like I'm really playing Sonic Adventure

    Where there isn't "sky-lines" there is just sky so of course they will dictate your options.

    This is an extremely common platformer mechanic, I've played it in Kia, Scaler, Jak and Daxter, etc.

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