BioWare Drops Mind-Blowing Mass Effect 2 Player Stats

Developer BioWare has revealed some fascinating/disturbing statistics mined from players of Mass Effect 2. Unsurprising is the fact that 80 per cent of players chose a male Commander Shepard for their avatar. Perhaps unbelievable is how long some played the thing.

According to a report from IGN citing data from BioWare, some Mass Effect 2 players spent upwards of 66 hours meandering through a single playthrough of the sci-fi RPG epic. Impressive, if somewhat mysterious, but not as impressive as the folks who played through Mass Effect 2 an astounding 23 times.

Four Xbox 360 players did that, according to BioWare. They were out-hardcored by two PC gamers who dedicated their lives to beating Mass Effect 2 an outstanding 28 separate times.

Crazy Mass Effect 2 Stats and What They're Used For [IGN]


    Wow at the amount of times some people played it. I couldnt bring myself to finish it even once. Not that impressed with it over ME1 but each to there own.

      ME2 was too formulaic in its delivery of plot (i.e. recruit 3 people, storyline event, recruit 3 more people, storyline event, recruit rest, end game) but it was an exceptional game nonetheless. I really think you should give it another go. Its well worth it :)

        Mass Effect 1 was a far superior product in terms of story and gameplay in regards to the RPG aspect, where ME2 dropped most of that RPG goodness and swapped that for generic 3rd person shooter with Fluff RPG.

        Still one of the best games that came out this year though..

    I'm actually a bit surprised 80% chose male Shepard. His voice is no where near as awesome as female Shepards.

      Jennifer Hale is one of my favourite voice actors.
      Just so you know, she also voiced:
      Aayla Secura in the Clone Wars animations
      Ophelia in Brutal Legend
      Jean Grey in Wolverine and the X-Men
      Samus Aran in Metroid Prime 1, 2 & 3
      Bastila Shan in KoToR/TSL
      Female Jaden Korr in Jedi Academy
      And many, many more...

      Seriously, she's like the female Nolan North with the sheer volume of stuff she's in. Check out her IMDB page.

        Except that Jennifer Hale can make her voice sound different whereas Nolan North is always unmistakably Nolan North

    I finished ME1 like 12 times.... only finished ME2 twice so far. Enjoyed the character customization a lot more in 1, instead of the bare bones approach they went for in 2.

    ME2 does play better through, better combat mechanics. I enjoyed the extra attention to detail in the environments to but the zone felt a lot more restrictive and smaller which really takes away that sense of exploration.

    Over all story was better in ME1 but the character development in ME2 was better. I really hope they can mesh the best qualities of both games together in ME3.

      I'd agree with all of those comments. I even probably played ME1 and 2 about the same amount of times. The smaller areas and more simplistic RPG elements were rather disappointing to me. The story isn't as good but I forgive it as it's the second in a trilogy which often isn't as interesting.

    I think I must be the only person on the planet who doesn't like the female Shepard voice. Its not that its 'bad' but I don't get the omgwtfbbq its so awesome. She sounds like she needs to take a deep breath all the time, to me.

    I cringe when I hear Jennifer Hale, I just can't help thinking it's Bastilla... I them Mark Meer (Male Shep) does a really good job personally and can't see why people rate one higher than the other.

    Some of the other stats are a little scary. Like the vast majority of playthroughs are with the Soldier class. My latest play through was as a soldier and it just felt bland, especially after getting the Revanant "kill everything gun" plus high level ammo upgrades. I really hope this doesn't tell Bioware to water down the RPG elemnets further and focus on gunplay over powers and abilities for ME3.

    As for taking 66 hrs for one play through... you're doing it wrong. :P What were they doing, dancing? Mining every planet?

    80% of players play male Shepard, and 80% played Soldier?. Blegh!

    Shepard is like a space-Dirty Harry, so why not take the (very rare) opportunity to play as an assertive lead female who doesn't fall into the typical video game stereotype of being a big-breasted bimbo or cracking jokes about how uncomfortable high heels and corsets are?

    I'm a guy and female Shepard just feels so refreshing to me. Her renegade lines are awesomly badass. Regarding classes, Soldier is pretty fun, but I much prefer Vanguard, Engineer (with Dominate the battles are hilarious) and Adept.

    And 66 hours as the longest playthrough?. Pfft, I racked up over 85 in my first run, and I hadn't yet done Firewalker, a few N7 missions or spent time in the galaxy map reading all the planet descriptions. Where's that statistic?

      I played a male Shep for precisely the same reason why I play a male in real life. It's just what I associate with and most comfortable being. It's the simplest logical choice really. People bring up these arguments like "I'd rather look at a female character than a male" or "It's a different story", but as a ROLE-PLAYING GAME, I think it's just another excuse for virtual cross dressing.

    I'm sorry but when did I give Bioware the right to scan my game and find my private information?

      It's in the Option menu on PC's if you want to turn it off. I think it was part of game registeration / cerberus network fine print.

      It's not really private information, it only sends back info on the decisions you made in the game. (inc what classes you picked etc). Bioware would know all the possibilities to begin with, seeing it's their product, so I can't see it as being an issue. The only thing that may seem a bit dodgy in this process is if it measured the length of time you stared at Miranda's ass. Mmmm that may explain the 66 hr stat...

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