BioWare Guy Begins Campaign For Wing Commander Re-Releases

BioWare's Paul Barnett, a man with a keen sense of history, realised this week that the Wing Commander series is now 20 years old. So he, like the rest of us, wants a re-release.

So he's kicked off a campaign to have the games ported over to DOSBox, a means of running old PC games on new hardware.

Normally we don't bother publicising these kind of things, but since Barnett works for EA, the company which owns the Wing Commander rights, this isn't your average internet petition, as it's as likely to be a sneaky marketing campaign as it is a genuine crusade in the name of all that is good in the world.

Still, even if it is a marketing campaign...I don't care if it's sneaky enough to steal the socks off my feet in the dead of night if it means I get to play Wing Commander again without screwing around.

[thanks Morris!]


    Cleary this must happen, they should make another Privateer game while they're at it.

    Man this game rocked.

    But if they make another movie, please don't re-use those same actors...

    OMG YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hell personally I think they should REMAKE Wing Commander. The plots there, the gameplay too, it just needs a decent engine and a spitpolish...

    Damn it should have read it to the end...

    I already have all the games and can get them working with a little effort.

    What we want is a HD - Re-release :D !!!!!!!

    A damn good series.

    Still, if they do this, here's hoping they follow up with a re-release of the Crusader. Remorse and Regret were the bomb.

      I was JUST thinking the same thing yesterday Mefusta. Crusader Remorse and Regret could accomplish a lot with a modern remake / sequel.

      I've been hanging for a Crusader reboot for many years now. That shiny red suit never goes out of fashion!

    Remaster the FMV, redo the graphics engine.

    The plots held together well for III and IV (Prophecy gets a C-) and they hired GREAT HOLLYWOOD ACTORS.

    Hell, they had ARKHAM ASYLUM'S JOKER for crying out loud! Nearly 20 years early!

    FMV games mostly sucked, but Wing Commander's?

    WORKED. REALLY well. Cinematic stylings plus action when GTA 3 and the rest were just sparkles in Rockstar's eyes, and HALO was just Bungie's pipe dream.

    (And if we can get it, remake Privateer sans Privateer 2's flaws? It could be EPIC. That game let you become your own Han Solo-esque space bastard!)

    Theres already Windows versions of Wing 1,2,3,4. From when they rereleased 1,2,3 in the Kilrathi Saga (and it came with a windows wing4 patch).

    The best version of Wing Commander 4 to play is the DVD version since it has dvd quality fmv.

      I was about to say this. I have the Kilrathi Saga. One of the best purchases I ever made.

    There need to be more of these space combat games like Wing Commander, Colony Wars, etc. It's been ages since there was one of any note, especially on consoles.

    I'd be much more interested in a full scale remake/reboot built for modern hardware than just getting the old games running, though.

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