Blizzard Making Its Own Starcraft II Mods

Blizzard is making mods for Starcraft II. Does that still make them mods? I don't think so, I think it just makes them updates, but hey, if mods are what Blizzard wants to call them, then mods it is.

Lead designer Dustin Browder tells Game Informer "We've got some mods we've developed internally that we're going to put out to get some more art into the hands of the mod makers but also provide what we hope are some polished gameplay experiences for our fans to get more value out of"

Patches? Add-ons? Expansions? Ah, who cares what they're called, so long as they're great, and so long as they're free.

Afterwords: StarCraft II [Game Informer, via RPS]


    'FreeLC' is the catchiest one I've heard so far.

      At first glance it seems catchy, until you start to see it as "Freeloader Content"

    I might be thinking too much into it, but last I checked the whole point of mods was that they're essential a new type of game made from an established game and usually done by people who are not connected with the game company. Don't mods usually create their own fan base, rather than piggy-backing off another?

    Pretty sure you want to check again, bobsquiggles.

      Ye I probably was thinking too much into it, anyways as long as they're good and free that's all that counts. I wonder, if blizzard employees are making mods, are they still getting paid? If so, I want to go work at blizzard ;)

    well Epic would bundle them with a few maps and call them 'bonus packs'.. at least if they still provided decently supported PC-centric titles

    Patches, updates and to a lesser extent Expansions are all required for gameplay - particularly with Blizz where you have to update your game files before you can play. Whereas Mods are optional. Perhaps that is why Blizz is calling them Mods? Because they are optional?

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