Blockbuster Files For Bankruptcy

As we were all expecting, US rental chain Blockbuster has this morning filed for bankruptcy. You win this round, Netflix.


    I don't know if the US is the same as the Australian one, but I havn't been to Blockbuster since hiring Return of the King in 2003. This is no surprise. They need an online movie service.

    OOO i rememeber in the lat 1990's when video shops were clsoing down all the time.

    Picked up so many snes n64 games.
    People told me i was a silly bugger however after selling them off and having enough to buy my first car A BRAND new one i think i was the smartest 8 year old alive.

      You make over 14 grand? That's probably the lowest price I've seen a new car at in the last decade.

    Google "blockbuster video complaints" and marvel at what went wrong. They should evolve into a debt collection service. By the long list of complaints they have no idea of genuine customer service and like a hire gun they are quick to the trigger. No doubt the Australian arm will follow quickly due to similar practices. no sympathy here. I'll help seal shut the doors and kick them in the as* on the way out.

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