Boomerangs? Beat Gauntlets? Guitar Rock! A Look At Dynasty Warriors Online

Is mowing down hundreds of enemies, like cutting through grass with a scythe, your kinda thing?

Then you're probably looking forward to Aeria's Dynasty Warriors Online which is packed with weapons and enemies who stand like chaff on the field of battle, waiting to be knocked down.

If these screens, and the concept for this "tactical combat" game floats your boat then you should probably hit up the site to sign up for the beta.



      Heeeeeeeyyyy...I WAS SWEARING! Someone censored me!

    While I found the occasional game of Dynasty Warriors appealing, it seems like they haven't changed anything about the gameplay, but to make it an online multiplayer. Though it does sound appealing... I'm liking the "updated" graphics (at least compared to the older games in the series) and physics seen in the video. I've signed up for the beta.

    Signed up for the BETA a while ago :D

    Not saying this doesn't look cool - but they have gone overboard on the enemy soldiers. 50 identical dudes stacked on top of each other does not a good game make!

    If it was an MMO it might be nice, but then it wouldn't be nice because it's an MMO.

    One or two Dynasty Warriors is good but it's a rehash series and once you've played one you've played them all.

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