Borderlands Level Cap Going Up, For Free

At the Gearbox panel at PAX today, company president Randy Pitchford told a Borderlands-loving audience that the level cap for that game will be going up from 61 to 69. For zero dollars.

"The level cap will now be 69," Pitchford said. "That's the magic number." He said the cap will come out close to the late-October release of the Borderlands Game of the Year edition.

Pitchford said that the studio felt that they couldn't go up a full 11 levels, as they did through the paid downloadable content, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, because they didn't want to put another level cap increase in paid DLC. The way that Borderlands DLC is structured, he said, would have required that anyone who would want to get the new level cap from new paid DLC would have had to buy all of the previous Borderlands DLCs as well. No good. Pitchford said Gearbox wanted all players to enjoy this raise of the level cap.

The studio also decided that a cap raise of just five levels would be too small. So Gearbox settled on eight, which gets the level up to 69, for all those who have the Knoxx DLC. "69." The crowd laughed.

The eight-level increase will be offered in a free patch for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 players. The patch will also included some re-balancing tweaks to the game. Expect it this fall.


    that is awesome. good to see gearbox supporting us players.

      Yh great... more grinding... sigh.

        No one's making you play...

        This is free so I wouldn't complain either.

        It's stuff like this that makes me wish I got more into Borderlands while I had the chance.

          you've got a renewed chance to play it by the end of the year, either get into the GOTY version, or i'm sure the whole collection will be drastically on sale in the christmas steam sales.

            I'll be grabbing the goty edition on the 360 in good time, don't you worry. ;)

        You can still stop at 61 if you'd like. Nobody is forcing you to hit the level cap.

          Actually, i will be forced to play it. damm you "rhyscrocodile"!
          i do love it tho...

    While I'm all for free levels it's rather silly to keep raising it without changing available talents around. Some new ones wouldn't go amiss!

    At this rate we will soon be able to get every skill :(

      Exactly what I was thinking. At the base of level 50 you could get 45 points, I believe? That got you down to the bottom of 2 of the 3 trees (20 each) and 5 more to put into the other tree.

      With the cap at level 69 that would give you 64 points, meaning you could get to the bottom of all 3 trees and still get another skill. You would have maxed out more than half the skills in the game.

      Even at the normal level 50 you could become very powerful by maxing out certain skills, they really should have expanded the trees by another level if they were going to push the level cap up this high. It actually takes a fair amount away from the customising your character, it's not really customising when you get almost all of the skills.

    much love to gearbox... really need to get around to finishing borderlands... god i'm lazy/get distracted easily... haha

    Have only recently started playing this - I'm about six months behind most releases simply because of my stingy-ness when it comes to paying for latest release games.

    Speaking of which, is there any news that the DLC might come down in price with the launch of the GOTY edition?

    Have only just completed my first playthrough. Have got self-imposed ban on playing as it has been affecting my work since I got it! Gamertag is same as name here.

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