Brutal Legend Developers Want To Sell Out

Double Fine's Tim Schafer is a bit of a cult darling, having been behind brilliant yet under appreciated games like Psychonauts and Grim Fandango. Thing is, he doesn't want to be a cult darling.

"There's definitely not any sort of drive to become exclusive, art-house content" Schafer told GamesTM magazine. "I think we're making very accessible games, and I think we'll keep doing that until one of them is a huge hit and then people won't say that anymore. They'll say, ‘Double Fine sold out!' And we'll say, ‘We were trying to sell out with every game we made since the first one!'"

Best of luck with that, Tim! Remember: first you get the money, then you get the power.

Schafer Wants Double Fine To 'Sell Out' [NowGamer]


    Sorry but first you get the sugar

    Lol - Schafer and Jaybles could almost pass for brothers in that photo.

    Tim, you should defs sell out in the best way possible...

    1. Make a 3rd person shooter about Space Marines
    2. Include characters with all the relative problems associated with mega-muscly alpha males who shoot anything that moves, ie: references to steroid use & roid rage, post gun-jam depression, closet homosexuality & innuendo, teabagging (but refer to it as "butt-munching"), fist...bumping, the list goes on!
    3. Parody the sh*t out of as many Space Marine video games storylines as possible. There's a lot of content to work with!
    4. Create a bloody instant-kill that will win the hearts of your fans. For example; A single button move where the character blows off every apendage of an enemy, one apendage at a time: foot, other foot, knee-cap, other knee-cap, wrist, other wrist, shoulder, other shoulder, etc... The desired result should be a torso stump on the ground. And then fist bump.

    Anyway, that's enough to get you started. Now hop to it!

    Please do sell out... if only they made Brutal Legend a hack n slash not an RTS that needed explanation after it came out.

      Agreed, not a bad game, certainly a good storyline and story-telling, but it could have been better if it knew better what it was.

        Know what it was? If you list to Tim Schafer and NOT EA's hype machine, he talks about nothing but the multiplayer. Brutal Legend is multiplayer focused, and the single player is nothing but a tutorial. And if you look at the reviews, everyone who TRIED multiplayer loves the game the most, and everyone complaining "lol RTS", lo and behold, they didn't touch the multiplayer.

        Ignoring the multiplayer and complaining about the product as a whole is like ignoring Bad Company 2's multiplayer and complaining about it as a whole: YOU JUST DONT DO IT.


    To the people whinging about Brutal Legend, i hate you, the game was awesome as it was

      The game's multiplayer net code seemed pretty bad when I played it. It didn't handle the latency well at all, which made it difficult to give multiplayer much of a chance.

      The single player was pretty fun, but felt like it finished too quickly after the "tutorial" section was over.

        Granted, and the PS3 multiplayer code was awful when the game came out.

        Doesn't detract from the singleplayer which was fanbloodytastic :)

    He's been pretty open about these frustrations for a while now. Best of luck to him. I'm supporting him in my own little way.

    And then the women.

    Need a Brutal Legend soundtrack and sequel!

    People who want Brutal Legend to be hack and slash need to go play Nintey Nine Nights and realize what a boring piece of garbage BL would be if it were like that.

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