Buggy Tales Game Ported To PS3

Wii title Tales of Graces was so buggy that the game had to be recalled. A ported (and no doubt refined and hopefully bug-free version) is coming to the PS3.

The PS3 version is dubbed "Tales of Graces f" and features new in-game content and a rounded-out story. The game also comes with codes for downloadable character costumes.

Priced at ¥8397 ($110), Tales of Graces f will be released on December 2. That is the day after Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is released for Japanese PSPs, and the day that the vast majority of Japanese gamers will be spending playing Monster Hunter.

Tales of Graces f [Official Site]


    We won't get it so who cares. They were too lousy to even give Tales of Vesperia a Western release despite having used 360 owners and testers for the first edition.

    Rather old news actually...

    And standard "Beta Testing" routine by Namco/Bandai on non PS3 consoles =P

      Hahaha I remember XBox owners copping it hard, with Vesperia yeah?
      So funny.
      P.S what the hell is up with that price?

        The price surprises you? Surely you've seen how we price games :P

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