Building Robots And Stages In Mega Man Universe

It's a little less Dr Light and a little more Dr Frankenstein in Mega Man Universe, where you'll choose from a wide variety of pre-made parts to create your own personal Something-Man.

Players will build their own robots using a selection of colourful parts that look like they've been salvaged from the remains of dead Mega Man heroes and villains. The parts you choose are more than cosmetic choices, determining the powers your custom character will use to take on countless player-made levels.

Yes, once you're finished creating your little robot rats, you can create deadly mazes to run them through. Players will be able to create and share custom levels, with a wide variety of custom level-building parts.

Capcom plans to reveal more level-building blocks in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy these screenshots, direct from the year 20XX.

Mega Man Universe Gameplay Overview [Capcom]


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