Call Of Duty: Black Ops Will Have Just One Dedicated Server Option

Stung by PC gamer outrage over the lack of dedicated server support in Modern Warfare 2, Activision has responded with something they'll appreciate about as little: An exclusive deal making the only dedicated server option for Black Ops.

IGN reported the news on Friday. A ranked dedicated server will cost $US14.95 per month, with 18 players maximum. Unranked servers will cost 99 cents a month per player, with a maximum of 24 players. There are fees for teamspeak support, and discounts for 3, 6 or 12 month prepays.

Josh Olin, community manager for Treyarch, empasized that using Treyarch-hosted servers is still free. He said the arrangement with GameServers will provide better cheating and hacking moderation.

"If you rent a server, you will still have the ability to Kick, Ban, and Configure it the way you see fit," Olin said, according to IGN. "Of course, Ranked servers will have some set configurations that can't be messed with; but you will still have the power to administrate your servers as a customer of GameServers."

Black Ops Dedicated Servers Come With a Catch [IGN]


    But what does it mean for Australian gamers? Will have Australian servers, or will stability mean 200+ms ping for us?

      GameServers do let you rent servers in Sydney so it isn't all bad but really it still is a stab in the back IMO. All this talk making out to be the good guys bringing back dedis and then closer to release they tell you we are doing dedicated servers but only with one provider. Not as bad as IW with MW2, but not as good as COD4/[email protected]

      You may recall this story from about a week ago:
      (Kotaku AU appears to have beaten Kotaku US to the story!)

      Sydney is in the list..

      Sydney will have servers, however if you live on the west coast expect 100ms +. Also there is no Asian servers except for Japan so our servers will be overloaded by the sth-east Asians as well. Crap and typical of Activision. To quote someone from my forum.

      "CoD is a cancer on gaming these days. The Michael Bay of videogaming... one big pandering scab to the lowest common denominator."


    Another CoD fail imo. The 'control' we had on BC2 servers was so poor we dropped our rental within months (and subsequently the game). If this is the piss-poor support we get with CoD7, I'm sure gameplay will last as long (read: short) as BC2 did....

    this statement changes nothing they screwed us and they know it. Why bother releasing mod tools if your gona need to pay to play them online. FFS

    "He said the arrangement with GameServers will provide better cheating and hacking moderation."

    as opposed to being sett up my own server

    What do you people expect from Treyarch? They're almost worse than IW in this regard. IW just ignored everyone flat-out and did what they want. Treyarch try to appease everyone, but they go halfway and then cock-up the rest.

    Why any product from them isn't being shunned with a wave of apathy I have no idea. It's not like they have an outstanding track record: CoD3 was rubbish and World at War suffered in every aspect compared to COD4 and MW2.

    True to form as always: here's to you, Treyarch.

    And despite this clear shafting of their customers, people will form a foaming, dribbling line to purchase Black Ops.

    CoD lost me at MW2, which was traded about a month after purchase. It's been World at War ever since, and I won't be purchasing Black Ops.

    I honestly believed Treyarch would deliver on their promises, which I still believe they intended to, but I bet Activision had the final say on this dedicated server kick-in-the-nuts.

    Normally I think boycotting games is a futile gesture, but in this case - screw you guys, I'm going home.

    Treyarch's not really to blame here, no doubt it's the money grubbing corporate asshole boss that is activision. 'We can make slightly more money at the cost of alienating smaller markets? HELL YES!!! I want my 3rd jet and 2nd yacht now, not in 6 months."

    Your enjoyment, like Treyarch's preferences are irrelevant so long as the activision Exec's bank accounts expand.

    Just another reason I'm looking forward to Brink! User hosted dedicated server (like Valve does).

    So decent multiplayer support, and complex team based gameplay (as opposed to "ZOMG 5 KILL [email protected]#!").

    Autumn can't come quick enough.

    I don't know why all you guys are complaining. To be honest this is a better deal than MW2 and BC2 combined.. and tbh nobody cares about us PC players anymore because we aren't the main revenue stream. People also need to stop complaining about all the COD games..WaW was a great game - zombies was kickass and the multiplayer portion of the game had me hooked for months and the core game of MW2 is quite good as well, it just has extreme networking and balance issues..that's the problem with most people they keep complaining about the quality of the game when they forget they are forced by Activision to develop the game in 2 years.

    Don't blame the developers because they mostly care about what you think, blame the execs whose job it is to make money..because u know without money you can't make games people seem to forget that profit drives these companies not ur overall happiness.

    If you are going to complain about MW2 look at ur game time on steam then stop for a second and think.

      Better deal for Americans, to have servers in just Sydney to host the whole of Sth-East Asia and the Pacific is really stupid.

    Didnt buy MW2, wont be buying this GARBAGE EITHER

    I personally had no worries with COD: MW2 match making servers, and in some ways better than dedicated servers. They were quick, easy and simple. Though i have no worries with dedicated servers i really dont want 200+ ping for Australian servers and i really expected better from treyarch this time. THOUGH, my main worries is that im not sure wether we, as a player, have to pay to play Black Ops online or the people who host the servers need to pay, if it is any way then i am thinking not alot of people will pay 15 dollars a month to host something for someone else.

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