Can You Spot The 11-Year-Old In This Mario Pile?

Eleven-year-old Oscar Brown poses with his Mario collection, boasting more than a thousand items from all over the world. I say we blame the parents. After all, they filmed it.


    ... and this is why he will never get his princess.

      Yes - but he still has a chance at meeting a queen... or becoming one...

      On a side note, it actually did take me a moment to see the kid in that mess...

      How anyone can love Mario games THAT much is just completely beyond me...

    I want that star pillow SO MUCH.

    Either it's his parent's obsession that they passed on to him or his parents are way too generous.

      Yeah I have to say the thoughts 'spoilt' and 'waste of money' did go through my head.

    I thought that was Justin Bieber?

    This is like "Where's Waldo" on a whole different level.

    it it just me or are his legs really long?

    So this kid likes Mario does he?

    "More than a thousand items"....?

    More like, more than a thousand tantrums.

    not sure why he didnt just wear the mario hat?

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