Capcom's Samurai Franchise Headed To Big Screen

Sengoku Basara is a huge smash in Japan. It has spawned a stage play, a televised anime, a manga and even a licensed theme park attraction. That's not all.

Next year, the anime is getting a feature film version. The final episode of the TV anime's second season revealed that a movie version is in store for next year. No other details about the film were given.

The TV series is produced by Production I.G, the company behind anime like Ghost in the Shell and the animated sequences in Kill Bill.

In Japan, Sengoku Basara is so popular that it was even used to encourage participation in local political elections.

Sengoku Basara Gets All-New Film in 2011 (Updated) [Anime News Network][Pic]


    Heck yeah! I can't wait for the new PS3 game either!

    *facepalm* just saw that after watching Episode 12 *proceeds to order Sengoku Basara 3 from amiami*

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