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Got a witty caption for this PlayStation Move lifestyle photography shot? Leave it in the comments below.


    watch.. when i point it on the ground the cat goes NUTS!!
    HAHAHA! WE ALL LAUGH - stupid kitty...

    Hey look! Token Black Guy, Token Half-asian and Token Woman watch as white guys gets his come-uppance with their radioactive lolly-pop gag

    Where have i seen this scene before? i Wiily can't put my finger on it...

    Man i can't stop making captions!!!

    "Sony decide to appeal to the young adult market, as Nintendo already have the young and pedophile market"

    The best dinner parties involve a torch and silhouette games after desert.

    Bald guy in background: "MOVE!!"

    "Next up in the 10m probing event is Steven. His first probe was a scoring shot and is still hanging in there."

    Are you ready for it? This might sting a little!

    Sony releases the first ever rectal exam game........

      Mine is sorta similar...

      New for the Playstation MOVE...

      **Gynocologist HERO**

      Includes 1 move controller, styrups and a tume of Move-Lube!

      Haha, I was thinking more like:

      From the developers who bought you the smash hit Brain Training comes an all knew self help title, Proctologist Training.

    With a deft touch, illusionist Sam Melver pulls out what's REALLY in his pants with one hand, while using the other to keep his pants up.

    New to Playstation Move: 'Extreme Proctology Adventure'
    Impress your friends with how deep you can go!

    Guy on the left: "Dayyyyyyyyyyammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

    It's all good guys! I brought my own navigation controller, check it out!

    So which part of my body does this Kinect thingy focus on?

    " Wingardium Leviosa "

      It's Wing-GAR-dium Levi-OH-sa!!!

    "Hey guys, watch me play Doom 3 with this horrible flashlight controller. The game still doesn't let you use a gun at the same time, maybe Space Marines aren't ambidexterous enough for Move"

    The episode where Dexter uses the Playstation Move with friends is widely considered to be the moment when the show jumped the shark.

    Young hip adults gather around for a round of the recently announced game, "Playstation Proctologist"

      Damn, someone already made a proctology joke. Is it too late to change it to "Naomi Robson's gynecologist"?

        Never too late for a Naomi Robson joke.....

        (Sorry I took your Gyno thunder...)

        by the way... did not expect to see this on a forum today...

        "Damn, someone already made a proctology joke."


    "After his friends laughter, John was a little embarissed with the size of his lightsaber"

    "Dont worry guys, i will tame this cow, with my MOVE STICK!"

    Can I please have another one.....

    "Sorry guys, if you all wanted to play it would have cost me about $500!"

      This one wins my vote so hard


        I did not have time to actually do the maths, but I think it is about right. Anyone with less to do at the moment than me is welcome to calculate it. what is 4 times move plus add on's??

    playstation move. straight from compton.

    - It's been a long time between gigs for the United Colours of Benettton Children

    - Despite bringing his own Sonic Screwdriver, Jim didn't pass the Doctor Who audition

    - You must be this beautiful to use the Playstation Move

      You win.

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