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Got a witty caption for this screenshot of R.U.S.E., released this week? Leave it in the comments below.


    I told you drinking berocca makes you piss yellow!

    To think, the Greens were concerned we'd burn off too much.

    Next time aim for the bowl!

    Thankfully John Howard was voted out of power before unleashing his full intervention program (pictured) into central Australia.

    Its time for our winning stratagy boys, let them have the golden shower.

    The tank commanders feel they are closer than ever to seeing the fabled Otways panther. It's bigger than they thought.

    The flamethrower tank DLC for Red Dead Redemption was widely regarded as a mistake.

    Roads? Where we're going, we won't need roads.

      Ah! What did I tell you? 88 miles per hour! The temporal displacement occurred exactly 1:20am and zero seconds!

    So does this mean that the dingo was nothing but a "ruse"?

    Really need to thank the army for letting us use these for our controlled burnoff.

    We gonna fuck your shit up!

    "Commander, It seems the enemy tanks ate the Chilli Con Carne last night"

    Are we actually achieving anything?
    Or are we just doing this for fun...

    "Don't cross the streams"

      Oh winner. :D

      I was going to say that! Winner indeed...

      Oh SNAP!

      Win right here! :D


      Was scrolling down to see if anyone else put this in.

      Great minds and all that.

    It had been decided that Alice Springs was no longer necessary.

    The Aboriginal people have decided that it's time to update, if they seriously wish to prevent the desecration of Uluru.

    Easy's company commander regretted giving his lads to order to send smoke signals to F Company.

    I'm sorry, is this not 123 Sunflower Street? Our mistake

    Ha! Jokes on you! The town of Gafsa never liked that Elderly retirement village anyway!

    Tank China called, they want their tanks back.

    The commander immediately regretted his decision to send the Flame tanks to quench the fires of the eastern village

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