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Got a witty caption for this screenshot of Final Fantasy XIV? Leave it in the comments below.


    "No no no.. Don't turn around... I said, There's a giant [email protected]$king chicken sneaking up on us...."

    awww shit! i left my ipod at home.

    "Does this look Photoshopped to you?"


      best one, by far.

    What you haven't heard?
    A-well-a everybody’s heard about the bird
    B-b-b-bird, bird, bird, b-bird’s the word
    and so on...



      Now I have this stuck in my head. Well played, oggob.

      Goddammit it took days to get that out of my head last time!

      I was planning on making a joke about the long running chicken fight gag... but man, did you win today.

      Its a shame really, i did't even get to throw in a spoiler today.. maybe next week.

      Excellent... I would have been happy with getting just a single person with it... these results please me! :)


    can you guys remember where i parked the car?

    Not even Jeff Goldbloom wanted to be part of the latest Jurassic Park sequel.

    can any one remember where we parked the car

    "So this is one of those RPG's where we walk everywhere or is there a quick travel option."


    Then the kids asked Big Bird (in cute singing voices), "So can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?"

    ///Female GPS Voice
    "You have reached your destination"

      Hey. I like your one.. but if it was me driving, she would be saying....

      Continue driving straight for another 500m!

    Just think of how crappy this will look in comparison to Final Fantasy XXVII

    After the embarrassing discussion about the elephant in the room, nobody was brave enough to bring up the bird.

    "dude.....theres like a giant chicken behind us." "are we gonna die?" "yeah were boned"

    "THESE mountains again!? Haven't we already seen them, like 15 times..."


    Big Bird's alter ego is a Pugilist from the city of Gridania.

    "We could be in Ivalice you know?"


    "sigh. we'll be there in 13 chapters."

    "Whoa, dudes... the special edition Avatar looks way better than the original!"

    "Ah.. so... how do we get down from here?"

    "How's the Serenity?.... So much Serenity."

      This is going straight to the Pool-Room

    "Awww, what a view! This is a great place for a picnic. What are we having?"

    "I feel like chicken..."

    "no one tell James Cameron, he's gonna be soo peeved when he finds out he wasted all that money on CGI"

    After 15 days of avoiding the Vicious Chicken of Bristol, the 3 brave adventurers were so caught up in the view that the Chicken finally had them in it's clutches

    guess he wasnt kidding when he said he'd jump.....

    "I can't believe Michael Bay made us come all the way out here just to see some f**king waterfalls."

    "Nobody calls me chicken legs" as he pushes them from the cliff.

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