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It's not quite gaming... Okay, it's not gaming at all... But it's still a big bag of lol. Last night on Australia's Next Top model (mandatory viewing in my bachelor pad), Sarah Murdoch read out the wrong name when announcing the winner. Got a witty caption for this screenshot of the debacle? Leave it in the comments below.


    "where is it, I swear I packed my brain today"

      "Oh? I thought he was on their team!"

    When Sarah Murdock promises she can make you Australia's next top model if you sleep with her, make sure it will last for longer than a day.

    I wonder who'll be hosting this show next year?


    "Gran Turismo 5 is finally being released? What do you mean, Duke Nukem Forever is too?! What madness is this?!?!"

    I'm more worried about why the hell this was mandatory viewing at your 'bachelor pad'.

    That says to me one of two things, either you truthfully have a girlfriend & she makes you watch that shite, or your sexuality is, how shall I say... questionable?.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that, btw.

    Anyhoo.. my caption would be 'I can't believe it's not butter'.

      broo it was on failblog, i saw it but i dont watch the show

      So watching a show about attractive girls becoming models is gay.


        Without mute on, yes.

        Only if you get caught up in the hype of this absolutely awful piece of offal masked as 'entertainment' & watch it religiously.

        It's ok if you just happen to have a glance when channel surfing, but c'mon - what heterosexual male would actually consistently watch this because they find the whole 'search for the next supebitch' crap interesting? One must question their existence if they class this (or 'reality tv' in general) as entertainment.

        If you want to perve at pretty girls, do what you're doing now & use the internet.. don't encourage these idiotic tv networks to churn out so much mind numbing tripe by watching it.

        /end rant.

          Oh yeah, the above was in reply to shl.. sorry, user error.

    Sarah Murdoch contemplates the shredded remains of a once promising modeling career.

    Facepalm Fail

      Damn, beaten... that was the exact same thing I was going to do...

    Models: Not only can they not read a name off a card properly, they can't even get the Picard facepalm right.

    "Did I get the stupid off yet?"

    "She called me a dickhead, but see... there's nothing there!"

    "All they wanted me to do was type 'yes'!"

    "She can't even get a Face Palm right".....


    "It soooooo looks like we're on an 80' dating show"

    "See Lachlan, I told you I would mke the front page of everyone of your newspapers tomorrow"

    "ooooh man, I can't believe I threw away the receipt for my Duke Nukem Forever pre-order all those years ago"

    HEADON - Apply directly to forehead


    not a caption, but I saw it live last night and it was the funniest thing I've ever seen on TV.

    I've dun gon goofed, goober

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