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Got a witty caption for this Batman: Arkham City screenshot? Leave it in the comments below.


    why so serious?

    Basil's contribution to Blackgate prison's Creative Criminals program was left unfinished after Batman broke his nose, ribs and fingers.

    "Clowns. Why did it have to be clowns?"

    sir... that doesn't look like a Banksy at all... you'll have to come with me...

    Tired of putting his life at risk fighting homicidal maniacs, Batman decided to focus exclusively on fighting graffiti.

    The new New South Wales Police uniforms were a bit over-the-top... even during the Mardi Gras.

    The adult-oriented spin-off of Mister Squiggle never really took off.

    ... and then his Head went one way, and his guts went the other way!

    Ok, so that's the face of your caricature, now the body? Like rollerblading? Yeah, let's have you rollerblading

    Thug: 'So....Um.... what do you think about the new design?....'
    Batman:(taking spray can) 'You ALMOST got it looking right.... Just a little wider on the grin, some red around the edges, and VOILA!'

    "Quit clowning around"

    "Dude, you're in a bat costume, you render your argument invalid."

      Also - LOL

        hahahah! Brilliant!

    "You really should apply an undercoat first before doing your final, glossy coat. Also consider that a roller might give you a more even, consistent finish on a job this size."

    "People called Romani they go out?"

    This is the last time I'm voting for the GREENS!

    *Looking at Batman*......"You did it"

    Batman to clown: "Hmmph, fkn TOY"

    Batman : That clown costume doesn't fool me, Mark Ecko! Phil Ruddock warned you about this before, perhaps you'll listen to me!

    "we're trying to make Arkhams image a more friendly one"

    "Just how well did you think kids parties pay?"

    What sort of magic trick is this?

    whispers *I do cocaine*

      Please let this one win.

      Haha, love it.

    "It's called a smile, Batman. You should try it sometime."

    "A... what?"

    "A smile! For god's sake man, I'll draw you a diagram!"

    And then, Batman killed Banksy

      Good one Hughes, you obviously had nothing to do in art today.

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