Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Has A Super Long Trailer

The latest Castlevania game, Lords of Shadow, wasn't originally intended to be a Castlevania game. And this trailer shows it.

Were it not for the cross at the start you'd be hard-pressed seeing how this relates to Konami's treasured series. Which is probably the point! As someone who never got into Castlevania growing up - but who did like Pan's Labyrinth, which this somehow reminds me of - I'm digging the direction this reboot is taking.


    So how does Dracula fit into this again?

      Even though this game looks good...I was starting to wonder about the same thing.

    I hope they get Sean Connery to voice the old bloke :)

      actually i think its patrick stewart

    Looks awesome!

    I have no idea whats going on, but it looks freaking epic!

    It's like a weird mach up of Fable, Shadow of the collossus, Silent hill and a few others. So odd. Looks brilliant though.

    This game is hemorrhaging Kojima's essence. So excited!

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