Celebrate PlayStation's 15 Years With Infographics

Did you know that 33 per cent of PlayStation gamers don't eat while playing and that 7 per cent won't date non-gamers? Learn more fun facts and explore the history of the PlayStation brand in a pair of new infographics direct from Sony.

First off, we have the Fun Facts infographic, which indeed includes facts that could be construed as fun under the right circumstances.

And then we've got this massive timeline, taking us from the launch of the original PlayStation to the launch of the PlayStation Move.

Extensive timelines always make me feel old.


    I know what you mean, this 15 year celebration of the playstation is making me feel old.

    They left out an important stat from the first part...

    Number of PlayStation owners willing to turn gay for Kevin Butler: 100%.

    Me first! Take me Kevin!

      And here I was thinking they had missed the bar graph for percentage of users who would give up PS for a year just to have sex.. /gaming nerd stereotype.

      You are right though.. KB is totally worth turning gay for.

    I grew up with Playstation. When I was 5 my dad let me play Twisted Metal on his brand new Playstation and I loved it. This was my first video game experience. When I was 8 I got my own PSone for christmas, which was an amazing surprise since our family wasn't the most well off. When I was 12 I saved up money from chores and got a PS2. I had to go to my friends houses to get my Sega and Nintendo fixes. I did have a Sega Master System at one point, but it lacked in many interesting games besides Sonic The Hedgehog and Alex The Kid, so Playstation always comes to mind as the console of my youth.

    Who would prefer social networking to video games? I've never done fantasy sports leagues so I can't comment on how fun they are and cell phones might be a bit more difficult to give up because they've become a necessity.

    My serious gaming started with a Playstation, so they'll always be special to me.

    I love inforgraphics! And there was only one typo!

      Two if you count my response! :(

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