Censor Watch

Another strong week if you're of the "G" and "PG" persuasion, but there are one or two interesting titles poking their heads out...

Looks like Gameloft's Halo clone N.O.V.A. will be available on Aussie mobile devices, while the same can be said for Elemental: War of Magic - although you could just get it now, since it's been available internationally for a while.

Breach, the multiplayer only shooter from Atomic Games, get its expected MA15+ rating. This one features dynamic destructible environments in an otherwise normal looking class-based shooter. Seeing as other games are interviewing non-American war veterans now for realism, it'll be interesting to see if Atomic's other game, the controversial Six Days in Fallujah, can sneak it's way to a release.

And it looks like the old Rush'n Attack is getting a remake in the form of Ex-Patriot. It's looking very Shadow Complex - and that's a good thing.

Here's what else is rated this week:

Zumba Fitness (Pipeworks) G N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (Gameloft) M Elemental: War of Magic (Stardock) M Brunswick Pro Bowling (Farsight) G We Dare (Ubisoft) PG The Undergarden (Artech) G Microbot (EA) PG Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (Relentless) G Breach (Atomic) MA15+ Battle vs Chess (Topware) PG Your Shape Fitness Evolved (Ubisoft) G Fighters Uncaged (Ubisoft) M FIFA Manager 11 (EA) G Eyepet (Spiral House) G TV Superstars (Cambridge) G Singstar Guitar (Sony London) PG Shane Watson's Powerplay Cricket 2011 (Mayhem) G Rush'n Attack: Ex-Patriot (Konami) MA15+


    I loved the original Rush'n Attack in the arcades! So satisfying running along and stabbing all those guys! Hopefully this one will live up to the fun had with the original.

      But it's a game of nothing but lies!
      If you rushed and attacked, you ended up dying pretty quickly.
      Ahhh, Childhood.

    Jesus who let Shane Watsons name go on a cricket game. I believe the special edition comes with hair product and a compact mirror.

      Bloody hell, what's next, Jason Culina's A-League Football? Matt Shirvington's Track and Field? Rock Star: Milli Vanilli?

    EVERYBODY ZUMBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      I can't ever tell.

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