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Censor Watch

Alien Breed: Impact has had lonely time on the PC. Half price Steam sales haven’t been able to fight back the tide of popularity enjoyed by Valve’s own Alien Swarm, which offers a superior co-op alien burninating romp for the delightful price of free. But it looks like the Alien Breed hasn’t been quelled yet…

So what do we know about Alien Breed 3? Could it be a quick reaction to their free competitor? The Alien Breed series has dabbled in FPS as well – but thus far, these franchise gaidens haven’t been given proper sequel status, as it looks like this new title has.

The Alien Breed: Evolution series (which started on XBLA) is meant to be a trilogy, and the ESRB has rated the second episode as “Alien Breed 2: Assault” on multiple platforms. However this same title is rated here as “Alien Breed Evolution: Episode 2”, so this could just be the third episode in that series, suffering from an odd naming system.

Also, what’s this? An M rated Harry Potter game? Something tells me PG might’ve been the desired outcome there… Or perhaps it’s just the natural, grim progression of the Harry Potter universe.

It’s good to see we’ll be getting Super Meat Boy, albeit a little humorous this “juicy” platformer warrants an M rating.

No prizes for guessing what type of gameplay Jewel Match will have, and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom had escaped my mind, definitely one worth keeping an eye on.

Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team (Spike) PG Alien Breed 3 (Team 17) M Aero Cross HigHair (Namco Bandai) PG Super Meat Boy (Team Meat) M Islands of Wakfu (Ankama Studio) PG Hot Wheels: Track Attack (Mattel) G Create (EA) G Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life (City Interactive) G Yu-Gi-Oh! D5’s Tag Force 5 (Konami) G Snapdots (D4 Enterprise) G Jewel Match (Joindots) G Wildlife Hunter (PSR Outdoors) M Terminator Salvation (Play Mechanix) M (Arcade) Panic Museum (Taito) PG Pac-Man Party (Namco Bandai) G Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (Ubisoft) PG Football Manager 2011 (Sports Interactive) G Atelier Rorona (Gust) PG Time Crisis: Razing Storm (Namco) M Harry Potter Deathly Hallows (EA) M Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (Game Republic) PG Apache Air Assault (Activision) PG


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