CG Animated Resident Evil Flick Getting A Sequel

Liked CG-animated flick Resident Evil: Degeneration? You're in luck. Capcom and Sony are joining forces once again.

Capcom and Sony are making a sequel to Degeneration called "Resident Evil: Damnation". Resident Evil character Leon S. Kennedy, who appeared in the prequel, will once again return in Damnation.

After a limited Japanese theatrical release, the DVD release of Resident Evil: Degeneration shipped over 1.6 million copies globally.


    Resident Evil: Degeneration broke the lore as it showed character moving and shooting their guns. The games show us this is actually impossible in the Resident Evil universe.

    good news but i hope leon isnt the main charicter he was just so hollow in that movie if it wasnt for the games establishing his charicter before hand i'd say he'd have to be the most poorly written charicter in movie history ...

    That movie was pants. Bad, bad pants.

      Yet still better than Hollywood's efforts!

        Sadly, this is arguable. Degeneration was just really, really bad.

          +1 mate, I agree!!!

          Just woeful.

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