Check Out The Line At This PlayStation Move Launch

Just before midnight at my local GameStop, one eager Move purchaser stood in line, stepping away to snap this photograph before continuing his devoted vigil.


    It's sad since I believe out the 3 motion controllers, Move to me looks like the best, I'm not going to purchase Kinect, and if I had a PS3 i would definitely get a Move.

    HAHA! That is genuinely one of the funniest damn photos I've seen in a long time. Too funny, way too funny... rofl indeed.

    Says it all really.
    Marketing is lacklustre, most people are kind've over the whole 'motion control' phase, too, I believe. I work at Game and in two days I sold two starter packs......and that's it.

      Well, I work at EB and that's two more than me.

      I sold 8 on day one at my Game store =O


    owned PS3 owned

    (not that i expect there to be many lines for kinect either)

    Wow, that's some line you got there gamestop.

    Funny, coz when I was at JBHIFI to pick mine up, there were 2 people buying it at the same time as me, and I was only there for like a minute...

      Everyone flocked to stores like JB because EB are a rip.

    I'm at a loss as to why there were midnight launches at all. A peripheral is a far cry from a 'AAA game' launch. Is the idea that midnight buyers get it as soon as possible to go play multiplayer Tumble or Kung Fu Riders?

    I think it will be slightly different for Kinect, given the whole minority report interface. The quality of the games are just as bad, but I think more people are likely to line up for that gimmick (much like those who lined up for the iPhone 4)

    Move is targeted at casual gamers. Casual Gamers will not line up at midnight for something.

    Though motion controlled gaming is aimed at casual gamers, and very few casual gamers would go to a midnight launch (unless it was for a AAA title).

    Still, awesome pic, but I bet the same will happen if they have Kinect midnight releases.

    oh Sony, when will you learn that you have no idea when it comes to marketing, you even struggle when it comes to customer service....just lucky the PS3 is actually a good product

    I am not so surprised. I will probably buy it, but there is no stand out, must have games for me yet. I do want that sorcery game, but no idea when it is coming out. So might as well wait, it will probably be a little cheaper by then too.

    this is no surprise theyve launched without quality content to even use the thing with

    i normally by this sort of stuff because i figure what the hell at least i can play x but in this case x isn't there at launch

    I went Thursday to Harvey Norman just before 6 pm, which was selling it at $74 AUD for the starter kit, and even then I was told I was the first person to buy it.

    haha funny stuff! i am totally unenthused by move too

    Looks like the Move just got HalOWNED.

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