Checking Out Shogun 2: Total War's Flexible AI In Action

In this video, The Creative Assembly's Land Battle programmer Ingimar Gudmunsson and studio communications manager Kieran Brigden talk us through a night battle in Shogun 2: Total War.

The battle has the Chosokabe clan attacking the Takeda clan as a storm rages in the distance.

Ignore, if you can, those splendid graphics, and instead pay attention to the game's artificial intelligence. We're told that the AI now can be much more flexible in how it responds to enemies on the battlefield.

The enemy AI is also impacted by the sights and sounds of battle, responding, for instance, to the sight of a mammoth forcing approaching them.

It's worth watching through this whole video not just for the eye candy but a chance to check out some of the tactics you'll be coming up against once you pick up the game for the computer next year.


    That is awesome... can't wait for this.

    time to upgrade I think.

    sweet. i've only just started to get into the total war series with rome total war and this seems great. one thing i don't like about total war games is that there is no fog of war. makes it harder to flank.

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