Christopher "Doc Brown" Lloyd Hard At Work On New Back To The Future Game

Telltale Games are hard at work on their new Back to the Future games with the help of Christopher "Doc Brown" Lloyd and Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale.

Telltale Games sent along these photos to Kotaku showing Lloyd hard at work in the audio studio yesterday on voice recordings for the game. Gale and several of the Telltale Games folks stopped by to look at their non-existent watches with the star too.

In this picture we see (L to R): Shaun Finney – Marketing and Media Producer, Dennis Lenart – Episode Director, Bob Gale – Producer and Screenwriter of Back to the Future film series and Supervising writer on the game, Christopher Lloyd, Brett Tosti – Executive Producer, Julian Kwasneski – Voice Director.

Below, a dozen more "action shots" of Lloyd bellowing at Marty McFly not to make out with his mum and cause freaky, in-bred time-space babies to be born.... or something like that.


    Lucky bastards.. *cough*


    woah this is heavy is it just me or does christopher llyod like not age at all hes like willie nelson

      Must have been exposure to the plutonium he stole.

    I don't suppose they've gotten Michael J Fox involved...

      They've got the next best thing: James Arnold Taylor. He's the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Clone Wars and does a bloody amazing Michael J Fox impersonation (Doc too.. but when you've got Christoper Lloyd on hand, that's not needed). I've heard him rattle off the Marty McFly voice a few times on Podcasts & things and it's really, really good.

      Definitely confident this bodes well for this game and might actually be the first really decent BTTF game ever made :)

        Also, J. Fox doesn't do acting work anymore I believe, due to his Huntington's. It's exceptionally sad because he's such a great talent :(

          Sorry, it's Parkingson's. I have no idea how I got Huntington's :P

            Sorry, it's Parkinson's. I have no idea how I got Parkingson's :P

            Um, Parkinsons.

            I don't really see why he can't do voice acting. Parkinsons doesn't have much affect on speech.

              Thats true, but I don't think he likes to work at all. I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing, unfortunately. Parkinson's is more than just subtle shaking after all, and he has the money to support himself.

              Also, so I got some spelling wrong. No need to flame me... :/

                He did smoke alot though, that does wonders to your voice, listen to Al Pacino.


    HoVeRRRRrrrrrrrr BOARD!!!!!!

    whoa i think i may have jizzed a little... lol

    I shall be giggling in glee when I hear "GREAT SCOTT!"

    Hope springs eternal.

    I hope JAT drops the censoring. Aside from that, he's perfect!

    Phillip J. Fry going where no man has gone before, becoming his own grandfather. :D

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