Club Nintendo Of Japan's Totally Sweet Mario Bros Totes

Another day, another chance to curse our local iteration of Club Nintendo while coveting the goods offered to Nintendo fans in Japan. Take these lovely Mario and Luigi toned totes, which proudly celebrate Super Mario Bros 25th anniversary.

These sharp carry-alls will run Club Nintendo of Japan members a cool 1000 points. The totes join a new Super Mario Bros. anniversary tee from high-quality shirtmakers The King of Games, a pricey 3000-point prize, and new Club Nintendo playing cards, a sticker shock inducing 5000 points.

Shoot me an email if you'd like to send any or all of these items directly to my door.

Mario 25th Anniversary [Club Nintendo]


    As bad as the American Club Nintendo is compared to the Japanese one, the Australian one is even worse.

    The Aussie one may as well not even exist - even Europe gets better stuff than us! ;_;

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