Community Review: Dead Rising 2

Community Review: Dead Rising 2

What’s better than one person doing a review? A whole community! Now that you’ve had a whole weekend to smack zombies around in Dead Rising 2, we’d like to know what you think. Considering picking it up? This is the thread you need to see. Already played it? We need your thoughts below!

[imgclear] The first Dead Rising was said to be a game that, amid a horde of titles getting in on the zombie trend, did it right. It had its flaws. Saving, for one. And photo taking isn’t everyone’s cup o’ tea. But it got the feel of it right – whether you were dressing up in a polkadot dress, throwing CDs and wielding a giant foam hand, or just racing to the next objective.

Dead Rising 2 is a bit different. One could say it does it right again, but in a different way. Or perhaps the same way, but just on another level.

While on the GameArena podcast, it was mentioned to me that some players might not like the zombies constantly respawning – they might like an area to stay clear, once cleared. I put it down to what kind of gamer you are: if you like to accomplish objectives, then you’ll want to see the effects of your work. In this case, a sector devoid of undead.

But while one gamer sees getting rid of zombies as fun, another might believe the zombies are the fun. This is the gamer that doesn’t care what weapon kills zombies most effectively – the gamer that will spend a whole minute torturing one zombie, if it’s funny enough.

And Dead Rising 2 does seem to favour this silly side of slaying. The gamer that never wants these zombies to go away, because it’s too much fun testing out weapon combinations.

I don’t think anyone is questioning the idea of combining weapons to slaughter zombies in hilarious, shameful ways is awesome. But what about the implementation?

Do you think it caters to all manner of zombie fans? Could they have done anything better? What crazy combinations have you come up with?

And what of the rest of the game? Story, boss fights, all that craziness? Is it something you’d recommend to your fellow Kotakuers?


  • Feels very very slow. Not to mention the constant annoyance of load times and way-more-than-necessary amounts of cut scenes.
    The whole customisation thing is overrated too. I was hoping to be able to create weapons willy nilly, only to find out that you have to follow set “cards” which you pick up.

    I think I’ll stick to L4D for my zombie slaying fun.

  • Its good fun, very similar to the first.
    I too was a bit miffed that you cant combine ANY item into something.
    But i did have alot of fun combining a wheelchair with a car battery. Rolling shocking machine FTW.

    • And if you take said electric chair, and mount SMG’s to it, You’ll get a Blitzkreig.
      A drivable wheelchair with machine guns!.
      And a hilarious robotic voice to boot!

  • OK. I will post in two parts. One of my thoughts and one with a couple of spoilers. Please read the first half of this post if you don’t want spoilers…..

    Part 1
    I would strongly suggest you picking up this game. I have played it for the past 2 days on xbox 360. I have played through half of the main story so far, played about an hour or two in co-op and about the same of competitive multiplayer.

    The game is just a joy to play. As said, there are flaws. Loading between the major areas of the map gets a bit bad but then again, the areas once loaded are quite large so while these do occur often, you can forgive it. I actually started using them to have a sip of a drink or eat some Cheddar shapes… mmmmm shapes!

    There is literally (almost) no end to the fun you can have and the variety of weapons. Combo’s are fun, but just using silly things just makes you laugh. There are defined weapons that are combinable, but as I understand it, about 50 varieties of combo weapons. You don’t know what they are so you just have to try different things out.
    The big thing that turned me off the last game was the stupid AI. All of my survivors just died all the time so I only saved 3 people and gave up. Here the AI are smart enough to get out of the way and strong enough where if left alone, as long as they can walk by themselves, will make it back with you. You can also give them weapons for added strength and fun!
    Overall, I doubt you will pay too much attention to the story and just get into it. The story missions are ok but the fun is getting there and all of the time management/objective management that goes with it. I will say however that the dialogue is rubbish. Not that the actual words are bad, it is just that there is no real speaking/voice acting and you actually end up pressing B to talk, then Y to skip, until it asks you to press B again and repeat…..
    Unfortunately, you can not progress the single player story unless you are the host in multiplayer, but as the guest, all XP (pp), money and combo cards carry over to your own single player game. This works well and trust me, the feeling of helping a mate out while showing off your crazy weapons is rewarding enough.
    The single player/co-op experience is good and well worth the price of admission. ($88 at Big W as of this weekend but I am hearing that it can be found for about $60AUD online).
    The competitive multiplayer surprised me. This is done in the form of a reality TV show, where you are one of 4 contestants. There are 4 rounds and winner (and everyone else) wins a varying degree of cash. This cash can be taken back to your single player game also so if you are strapped for cash, it is a really good way to earn money. There are about 9 mini games to chose from and they all are quite fun. I am looking forward to having a private party match with 4 mates… will be awesome.
    If you liked the first one, certainly get this one. If you are on the fence, watch some gameplay footage and try and resist. If is just ludicrous fun and I am all for it.
    GT: FatShady Live if you want a game.

    Part 2
    Just some quick stuff to end with.
    I have made the following combo weapons
    Plate launcher (concrete saw with dinner plates)
    Rocket launcher (Fireworks and lead pipe)
    Freezer bomb (Dynamite and Fire extinguisher)
    Edward Boxing hands (Boxing cloves with knives attached to them)
    There is also an adult shop with the expected clothing options and ‘weapons’.
    Another really cool part of this game is that there is a roaming tribe of hoods who will try to rob you. I kill them mostly but got robbed once and lost everything. Kept my cash, but had no weapons or even clothing. they left my in my love heart boxers!. It adds another dimension to the game.
    There are a bunch of Psychopaths throughout the game that are really fun and a challenge. These boss battles are really worth trying to team up with as they are crazy hard (at least at my level).
    And in multiplayer, there is games like Riding a motorbike with chainsaws attached through a crowd of zombies, grinding them up into a paste then shooting it into a target, using a jousting pole to impale zombies and one where you use a moose head to flick zombies onto a scale where you compete for the total combined weight of them. It is really quite fun for a bit of a laugh.

  • Like the first game I’ve found the levelling and Groundhog-Day-style rinse and repeat gameplay VERY addictive.

    And a lot of the problems with the first game have been fixed:

    – survivors who are following you are much better at evading zombies
    – when leading survivors to a door, an icon appears to indicate when they will travel through the door with you
    – the radio which gives you missions is MUCH less intrusive, and generally pretty easy to ignore
    – going into first person perspective / aim mode no longer flips the vertical control on the right stick (what were they thinking in the first one?!)
    – the acting, while still on the cheesy side, is not as painful as the 1st game (not sure whether this is an improvement though)

    Overall I’d say that anyone who loved the first game will love this one even more. I sure do!

  • loved the first one. loved the second one. its GTA if liberty city was infested with zombies. i agree with the load times complaints but i will say this: the only way they could merge a few areas together to reduce the number of load times would be to reduce the number of objects(weapons, items, zombies, etc) per area.

    but then you end up with dead rising 1’s wii port with significantly less zombies per square meter. which is less fun and less challenging.

    combo weapons are fun. ive built wolverine claws, lightsabers, flaming swords, spearguns, drill fists and flamethrowers. there all so fun.

    one complaint is that i didnt feel that same pressure for time i did in the first game. in the first one you didnt have time to do everything in one playthough. you couldnt complete the story AND save every survivor the game required a few playthoughs.

    this time round i am on the final boss and accidently missed(but could have rescued) 4 survivors while still completing the full story mode. even buying zombrex feels like a cheat.

    overall im about 30 mins away from finishing my first playthough. and i cant wait to knock it over and start all over again =D

  • Dead Rising 2:
    As the original Dead Rising was a overall success, Dead Rising 2 had some big shoes to fill. Nothing more than a giant step forward would satisfy the audience and this game does not fail. With a over hall of the system using a new engine bring a great and needed realism to the sequel, the game seems a lot more grounds compared to Dead Rising’s ridged style of game play. All the characters have the same style of look and locations which DR was known for and Blue Castle Studios captures it with their own spin. Some of the many upgrades include: Run and gun, more natural movement, vehicle physic and just a few. The addition of weapon creation is a mark of brilliance as it give the game another level of though when it comes to gameplay. A fault on my opinion is in not including a Infinity Mode that I quite enjoyed but that can be forgiven as I was seemly the only one that liked it.
    The story is soild and gameplay too, a game which lived up to Dead Rising’s good name.
    Buy the first one, play it then buy Dead Rising 2 as some references in the game will pass you by and the story is a lot stronger.

  • A lot of fun and the gameplay is pretty much identical to the first with some minor tweaks. (Which is a good thing). The only frustrating thing about story mode is there isn’t really any down time between missions to simply explore and try out all the silly weapon options. Love the combi weapons but I found I have very little time to actually collect up random pieces and find a maintenance room before another mission is in the red.

    – Still stupid adult fun like the first game.
    – Story
    – Crazy weapons and clothes.

    – Needs more free time in between missions to simply slay zombies.

  • It’s a good game and I’m having fun playing it but it’s pretty much just the original Dead Rising but with just items, zombies, ways to kill zombies and a more boring plot.

  • I’ve been playing this for a few hours. I never played Dead Rising 1, so I can’t compare it.
    It’s frustrating. Movement and attacking is all very slow. You can’t drop weapons you’ve picked up, so if you pick up some useless weapon you need to use it up before you can get rid of it if there’s no other weapons around.
    The story does seem interesting. I’ve never seen any zombie media throw you into the same setting that this does.
    The worst part is easily the survivor AI. While you’re perfectly capable of running away from any zombies, the suvivors that you’re trying to escort seem to think their goal is to purge every zombie in sight. Even the barehanded ones will run up to groups of zombies and try to push them to death, and get themselves killed. I just tried to deal with two survivors who had guns, and they spent most of the time shooting at zombies behind each other and thus knocking each other down. The AI is godawful.
    There’s also no way to tell what routes are open to you, so the only way to travel without getting screwed over is to take the exact same route back to base as you took to get to your destination.
    Plus in order to finish escorting a survivor you need to go inside the base, which means an extra two loading screens that could easily have been avoided by just finishing it when taking them to the room outside the base.
    The loading screens aren’t as bad as I was expecting, but they’re still annoying.
    There’s a lot of places where this needs serious polish, mostly in the AI.

  • So what I’m getting from this is that it improves on all the good parts of Dead Rising without improving any of the awful things.

    But you know what? I would totally get this game if there was a mode of just pure sandbox. But, I guess, I’ll still get it. Just not at whole price.

  • Oh my god worst campaign/mission system in the history of…Well, the last few days.

    The game is fantastic – The gameplay is addictive, the dialogue is oddly charismatic but OH MY GOD the mission system.

    I found myself attempting to enjoy the wonderful sandbox thrown to me and then BAM.

    “You did not walk to this position quite fast enough – Would you like to do one of the following?:
    1. Load from your last save point (Oh, I am SO sorry, you haven’t saved in half an hour…Wow…Did NOT want to be the one to have to break it to you)
    2. Restart the story? (That’s right -Instead of “Load from last checkpoint” there’s “Load from las-NEW GAME”.)
    3. Ignore the story.

    Now…I don’t find that interesting at all. It’s just frustrating. The “Feed your daughter anti-zombie pills ever 24 hours” thing is interesting – But again – It’s not so much directing your sandbox experience as restricting it. It disrupts an otherwise fun zombie-slaughter.

    So – While I am THOROUGHLY enjoying the game – The campaign is THOROUGHLY frustrating.

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