Community Review: R.U.S.E.

Community Review: R.U.S.E.

What’s better than one person doing a review? A whole community! R.U.S.E. was released last week, and we’d like to know what you think. Considering picking it up? This is the thread you need to see. Already played it? Or perhaps just the public beta? We need your thoughts below!

R.U.S.E. is the WWII strategy game in which you can employ ruses, such as staging a false air offensive, to trick your enemy.


The most standout thing for me in R.U.S.E. is the idea of a board game in which both players don’t see the same thing. Of course, different games have explored this in different ways, but most people’s only experience of this will have been punctuated with “You sunk my battleship”.

Sure, R.U.S.E. plays like an RTS. Resources trickle in at a certain rate, troops move across the map. But the importance of unit positioning and the pace of the game is such that it can be thought of as a board game. You don’t need a wicked build order, or blistering micro.

Community Review: R.U.S.E.

With that style, it seems like this would be a good game to introduce non-gamers to. Such as a mate who plays chess, but hasn’t discovered the cerebral side of video games yet.

I did find, however, that the defensive advantage was very strong. Did anyone else experience stalemates due to infantry holed up in towns or forests all over the map? Or long artillery battles? What’s the best ruse combo you’ve come up with?

What are peoples’ opinions of the strengths of different races? Did Will anyone be trying this out with the Playstation Move controller?

Leave your thoughts below…


  • Any reviewers played it with the Move yet? I am waiting for the verdict on that before deciding whether to pick this up.

    • I’m planning on showing some of it in the next 5 inch Floppy. But the general gist of it is, you can use the wand to flick up, down & around faster than a controller. Obviously not as fast or accurate as a mouse & keyboard, so PC is preferred. But I’d rate the Move controls over standard console controllers, purely based on speed.

      Not that speed is all-important in RUSE, but moving slow in strategy games just irritates me 🙂

  • This game seems to play very well.
    It’s one for the strategy nuts, not so much the base builders.
    I have a mate who’s playing it at the moment, and it’s frustrating the hell out of me.
    He’s solution for taking out tanks….. more G.I’s….marched across open ground in front of said tanks. It’s like a helmeted Zerg rush.
    Needless to say, this strategy is fraught with problems.

    • Too true – and once said infantry is close to any of your buildings, they can capture and use them against you. I found keeping things like flaktracks in the open ground to help, but still… Infantry in this game is deadly.

  • playing it on the PC all i can say is customisable controls

    using the mouse wheel click as a camera controller is terrible(the right mouse button escapes instead just as clicking off does)

  • Quite liked the demo, I was going to try it out with the move controls and if it plays well get it in a week or so. I have heard it’s the thinking mans RTS, i.e. tanks spam/rush are not super effective, can it still be enjoyed as a simple balls out unit spam RTS or is deception required for the game play, rather then a fun addition?

  • I’ve had the PS3 demo on the HDD since it was available and I certainly didn’t mind the game as it was with the regular controller.

    I’ve seen vids that show using the Move is alot better for the game, so am waiting for them to be out to give the demo another go.

    Certainly with the Move it looks as close as we will come to having PC controls for some game types. (Although I still don’t know why some devs haven’t made a game for the PS3 with KB+M controls, they work perfectly)…

  • Been having alot of fun, the biggest problem you guys seem to be having with infantry and ambushes can be easily fixed with good recon.

    Just played a game today though where I capped a guys forward base as he forgot to build units and another where I infiltrated infantry to cap two bases simultaneously.

    Biggest erk I have atm is the locked region meaning a really lowwwwww player base.


    Players who freak out at time limits and rage quit, although all these people want to do is sit in their base and turtle so good riddance. A solid 3v3 match should take at most 30 mins anyway, only had one game in the beta that went the full 40.

  • RUSE (PC) is awesome! It certainly deserved better reviews. It’s a pity there aren’t many players online … in Australia anyway. They need to remove region locking.

    Anyway, the strong defence inn cities, woods etc can be smashed (like ABSOLUTELY SMASHED) with some cheap Recon + Artillery units. I hate it when players do that on me … but it’s effective!

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