Company Of Heroes Designer's Widow Tells Her Story

Erin Wood, the widow of Company of Heroes Online lead designer Brian Wood, who died tragically in a car crash earlier this month, appeared on NBC's Today show this morning to discuss the accident and how she's coping with her loss.

Seeing Erin talk about the accident that claimed Brian Wood's life earlier this month really brings the tragedy of the accident into perspective. The story was heart-rending as it was, but seeing Erin discuss her husband's last-minute heroism and how he will be remembered by them is almost too painful to watch.

As reported last week, a memorial trust has been established to help Erin and the couple's unborn child through this trying time.

Visit the Brian Wood Memorial Trust web page to see how you can help.

Husband steers into crash to save wife, unborn child [NBC via AOL - Thanks UltimaWeapon]


    Oh great, way to make me cry.

    I don't want to blame anyone but had he stayed in a head on collision they all probably would have been alive.
    The side has very little protection compared to front / rear.

    You also would be moving forward / back rather than sideways which could break your spine.

    The found drugs in the car but made no mention of drugs in the driver.

    Still very tragic and a great loss.

      Wouldn't a front-end collision made her smash into the dashboard - perhaps seriously harming the baby?

      Personally, it's a bit conclusive to say he intended to put "himself" in between the other car and her wife - every person's natural instinct is to move out of the way, and i guess he managed to pull away and be hit at the right time - as to avoid any further collisions into say a ditch, tree or even another car. In this case, it would be a miracle. However, he is definitely a hero nonetheless as he managed to save his pregnant wife AND baby in an accident which is a very rare occurance.

      I am so sorry for her loss, and i hope her family gets better with this tragic incidident.

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