Conduit 2 Makes Way For GoldenEye

Conduit 2, a game that's actually been in development for the Wii instead of talking about it, got a reminder of the pecking order for Nintendo shooters when Sega moved it to 2011 to stay out of GoldenEye's way.

Nintendojo reports that Sega and High Voltage Studios confirmed that Conduit 2 will be moved to the first three months of 2011; it had been scheduled to come out Nov. 2. Johnny-come-lately GoldenEye 007, whose rebirth on the Wii had been all talk until June, butted in on that date when Activision finally confirmed the game at E3.

That's the bad news; good news is High Voltage confirmed that players can use the Wii's classic controller to play the game's multiplayer. The Conduit II will also support Wii MotionPlus.

Conduit 2 Hits Delay, Coming in 2011 [Nintendojo via Joystiq]


    Kinda sucks but not so much that it's a big deal.

    It gives me more time to play Goldeneye! XD

      Yeah! Play an awful rehash of a perfectly good game which, honestly, hardly looks better than the original.
      And they changed the Bond actor.
      How pathetic.

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