Cop Tosses Tripping Gamer To The Floor, Makes Him Laggy

Not all Halo: Reach midnight launches went according to play. Take for instance this one in Winnona, Minnesota's Gamestop, which was plagued not only by an inebriated gamer and a handsie cop, but LAG!

Some highlights for those of you who can't quite make it out or don't want to risk listening to the expletive-laced video at work:

Cop: Police

Tosses guy into display.

Cop: Stop Crazy guy: You better try harder... bitch. Cop: Stop resisting


Cop: Stop resisting, get your hands behind your back. Crazy guy: I already do... fag. I already do.


Cop: Get up. Crazy guy: I already am... fag. I already am. Cop: Get up. Crazy guy: I'm all (laggy) (ready) (raggy)

I hear that's what being thrown head-first into a floor will do to you.

I've updated the last quote in here to reflect that while I swear I'm hearing him say laggy, some readers think he's just saying ready again. Or maybe he's made up a new word: raggy!

[Thanks for the vid, Greg]


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