Dante's Biggest Fans Weigh In On New Devil May Cry

Some hate it. Some love it. There is going to be a new Devil May Cry game called DmC: Devil May Cry, and the reaction has run the full spectrum. Time to ask the experts.

That's right, Devil May Cry cosplayers.

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, I asked a group of cosplayers what they thought about the DmC: Devil May Cry trailer. The ladies cosplaying as Dante and Virgil had this to say:

"What a letdown! I was so disappointed." "We don't know much about it, though." "Is it a prequel? Is it a spin-off?" "His hair looks different!" "But I'm going to buy it." "I'm going to buy it too." "I'm going to complain about it, and then buy it." "I'm going to complain while buying it." "I think all fans of the series are going to say they don't like it, but then buy it." "I might like it!" "I'm going to buy it new. I'm not going to buy it used." "It's good to have low expectations." "I have low expectations." "Yeah, I'm going to buy it." "Me too."


    i think it looks horrible and butchers the original IP but i still may buy it because it may be good in its own right, and ill just convince myself im playing a different game.

      Sooooooooo...you know NOTHING about the game itself, you know NOTHING about what its going to look like in game and you know NOTHING about the story other then tidbits gleaned from dubious sources...you're a moron.

        But he/she did say that they still may buy it and not snob it altogether...can't really call a person a moron off the bat when they're still considering buying the thing.

        Anyways, Dante's new look has grown from bugging me to annoying me. Might grow to full blown hate soon enough...oh well, see how it goes.

    Japan, a place where ppl buy stuff they dont like

    Japanese people talking endlessly and saying not a lot? SURELY NOT!

    That said, why does everyone think that a black haired smiling guy modeled after Sid Vicious putting out cigarettes in demon eyes is emo? 90's goth I can understand, but apparently anyone with black hair is emo now.

    Apparently DMC fans are just like Stadler and Waldorf from the Muppets.

      "They're not half bad"
      "You're right, they're all bad"

    Japanese aren't the only ones, remember the PC MW2 boycott?

    I don't like the new look so I WON'T buy it. Simple as that.

    I think I've seen the words: 'buy' and 'it' so much in this post I forgot the meaning of the two words...

    Hmm. I've always been a massive fan of the Devil May Cry series and I'm not sure where they are going with this. I'm sure it will still have kick ass gameplay and all and the character doesn't look bad. Just different. I always really liked the dante character so I hope his attitude doesn't change too much..

    Old Dante rocks this new one is just a weed smoking emo fag. New DmC gonna suck for sure.

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