Dead Or Alive Developer Making Two Nintendo 3DS Games

Tecmo Koei, the company behind Ninja Gaiden and Dynasty Warriors, has already made public that it is developing one title for the Nintendo 3DS. It is also developing another.

The previously revealed Nintendo 3DS game from Tecmo Koei is Dead or Alive: Dimensions. It is the first new fighting game entry in the series since 2005's Dead or Alive 4.

The company's Tokyo Game Show pamphlet shows a previously unannounced Nintendo 3DS game called "Sengoku Musou: Chronicle" or "Dynasty Warriors: Chronicle".

The game is being developed by Koei's Omega Force team, which handles the Dynasty Warriors franchise. No other information about the title is listed.


    Just pointing out some innacuracies in this article. This is not unannounced nor is it dynasty warriors. Sengoku Musou is what the Samurai Warriors series is called in Japan and this is the Samurai Warriors 3DS game announed at E3.

    hi there looks like 2 alwsoume games in 3D

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