Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition Unboxing

The Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition showed up on the doorstep of Kotaku tower last night, like some unwanted waif.

Of course, our first thought was to tear apart the $US90 bundle for Capcom's zombie game and show everyone what was inside. Here's hoping no children in baskets ever show up on our doorstep.


    Anyone else have trouble getting the steam download to play? I had a go before heading to work this morning and it just comes up with a "games for windows live" window saying it needs to check the date and to ensure my computer is connected to the internet (it is).

    Nothing else seems to happen. It just sits there until i click the close X in the corner. I try launching the game and get the same thing again.

      Delete clientregistry.blob and let it redownload

    NOpe, no problems here. I preloaded it a few days ago and yesterday it said play, so I clicked it, it nencrypted, then I hit play again, it install directx, and presented the Windows games for live bull, clicked next and it unlocked fine.

      I suspected that may have been the problem. For some reason it doesn't have a "Next" button for my windows live screen. When I was looking at it this morning all I could this was there should be a 'next' button.

      Now I just have to see if I can find a way to go next without the button.

    you mentioned you were giving this away Brian... need someone to give it to? :P

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