Denver Thieves Steal $US1200 In Video Games

Denver police are on the hunt for a duo of thieves who they say stole about $US1200 worth of video games from a local Ultimate Electronics store, according to 9News.

Police say one of the two would distract employees as the other tucked away video games on the morning of August 10. Man, that's a lot of tucking. You'd have to get away with about 20 games to score that much money in stolen loot.

Police search for thieves who stole $US1,200 worth of video games [9News]


    This happens more than you would think. GAME stores in WA lost a few thousand dollars of merchandise when a couple came in with a trolley and insulated shopping bags (the ones that look like coolers). One was at the counter distracting staff, the other was throwing games in security cases into the insulated bags.

    Sadly enough, the bags weren't enough to stop the alarm going off but the staff had a brainfail and didn't think to check what looked like grocery shopping to them. They checked the women who had been at the counters purse and let them both go.

      "Sadly enough"!?

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